Katin - getting ready for Easter! Beautiful egg coasters, pasochnits

Katin - getting ready for Easter! Beautiful egg coasters, pasta boxes

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Do you want to give a loved one a thing made of natural materials that is useful and pleasant to hold in your hands? A cutting board made of oak for mom, a stand for a tablet for a colleague, a box with individual engraving for a friend. Great eco-gift ideas for everyone are waiting for you in the catalogs!

All products made of natural wood, each batch of wood may differ in shade and pattern of annual rings from the previous one. There will be no 100% match with the photo. Products, especially those not covered with paints and varnishes, have a rough surface of natural origin, there may be knots, small chips, cracks and cracks that do not affect functionality and allow the product to be used for its intended purpose. The average production time is 10-14 days from the end of the payment. Dimensional accuracy of products +/- 5 mm. Marriage is very rare, and if it does, the supplier replaces it. The deadline for filing a claim for marriage is no later than 7 days from the date of receipt. It is possible to wait for an invoice for more than 7 days.

Description: Wooden round support for a mug, glass, glass to protect various surfaces from the effects of temperature, drops and water rings. A glass of hot drink can ruin the table or furniture. Also, mugs often move around the apartment or office, which means they may suffer various surfaces. Material: oak Dimensions: 9x9x1 cm. Covering: mineral (vaseline) oil (completely absorbed)

Description: The old price is 265 rubles. Figured wooden stand for Easter eggs made of solid oak. Size: 16x14x2 cm. Material: oak. Coating: mineral (vaseline) oil (completely absorbed, creating a protective film).

Description: The organizer for the kitchen has three sections, two - for spices, toothpicks, in the middle - for napkins. Material: oak Dimensions: 19x19x11 cm. Covering: mineral (vaseline) oil (completely absorbed).

Description: This carved wooden stand for Easter eggs is made of solid oak. The stand holds 8 eggs. In the center is the inscription "Christ is Risen". In the center there is a place for an Easter cake. Plate diameter 20 cm (+/- 5 mm). Product thickness 2 cm. Material: oak. Impregnation: mineral oil (completely absorbed, creating a protective film).

Description: Simple and convenient stand for smartphones and tablets. It is a platform with a groove 11 mm wide in which the tablet is placed. The size of the stand is 15 cm by 10 cm, it is made of solid oak and covered with oil. In the comments, just in case, indicate the thickness of your tablet. Advantages: fixation in a comfortable position, hands free, less scratches on the case, easy to take from the stand, you always know where the phone is.

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