It's time to understand who is the leader here: Leo is the strongest sign

Representatives of the sun sign have all the makings to become leaders and "kings". With their kind disposition, they attract friends, and inner ambition and self-control help to reach any heights.

General characteristics of the sign

People born under the sign of Leo naturally have so-called charisma. They are attractive, charming, have a cheerful disposition and a good sense of humor.

They easily make new acquaintances and quickly acquire a huge number of friends, acquaintances, acquaintances, assistants and fans. Very devoted to their family.

Personality Traits

Some of the strongest characteristics of this sign that help them achieve their goals in life are the following:

  • have high ambitions, set bold goals;
  • are able to draw up a plan for success and strictly follow it;
  • creative nature;
  • they always bring what they started to the end;
  • are sociable;
  • evoke pleasant emotions from others, respect and even humility;
  • are smart;
  • know how to restrain their own emotions;
  • want to achieve excellence;
  • generous and magnanimous;
  • independent;
  • born winners.


But Lviv also has a number of disadvantages. Chief among them is vanity. In order to attract the attention of others, sometimes they are ready for a variety of actions. But they do not tolerate criticism in their address. They are too proud of nature.

They are also negatively affected by the inability to resist flattery. If Leo is praised, they give him compliments, he does not always know how to distinguish truth from lies and takes all such words at face value.

This is often used by other people who hide in the shadow of this powerful sign and benefit from this close connection.

Influence of the element of Fire on the representatives of the sign

This element makes its wards the strongest and most persistent in life. Fire simultaneously endows Leo with strong feelings, emotions, ambitions, and at the same time gives them tremendous energy to achieve anything.

It's time to understand who is the leader here: Leo is the strongest sign

Properly organized poultry drinking helps to ensure cleanliness and hygiene inside the building. Making comfortable drinking bowls for quails with your own hands or purchasing an expensive one, for example, nipple or drip, is only half the battle, the main thing is to make it so convenient for your feathered wards to use them. In this article, we will tell you how simple structures for drinking are made from materials that are available in any household.

Which quail drinker to give preference to depends on many circumstances. But the main thing is that they should be extremely comfortable, while being inexpensive. Only with this approach can you expect good profits from your farm.

If the birds are kept in cages, then drinkers are usually suspended from the outside, and in the case of floor keeping, they are placed inside the cage or house. Drinking bowls and feeders cannot be placed on the same side. Firstly, it is inconvenient and secondly, the food will constantly be in the water.

Hand-made removable drinking bowls for quails have proven themselves well. They are very easy to maintain; they can be removed and washed without any problems when required. After reading this article, you can do any of the same.

Basic requirements for drinkers

In the manufacture of drinking bowls, only hygienic materials should be used that will not release toxins or other harmful substances into the water. For example:

  • plastic or plastic;
  • porcelain;
  • glass;
  • stainless steel.

Some other conditions must also be met:

  • Structures made of the above materials are washed and cleaned very easily, and they do not emit any substances into the water that can harm the health of the bird.
  • Stability and reliability. T. the quail drinker should not be able to tip over.
  • The possibility that a bird can accidentally climb into it and thereby get wet or even drown is excluded.
  • Access to water must be free.
  • It is advisable that the feeder was closed, otherwise the quails, constantly moving, will pollute the water, spoiling it.
  • The larger the birds, the larger the drinker.

Types of quail drinkers

Drinking bowls can be of various types. In this article we will look at the main ones, and you are already based on your own needs, choose which one to do for yourself.

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