In Luhansk, scientists have created the Red Book of the region free of charge and on one enthusiasm

The first printed edition of the "LPR Red Book" was presented in Lugansk. PERSON writes about it.

The book was published with the support of Leonid Pasechnik with a circulation of one thousand copies, which will be distributed among the libraries of educational institutions of the region.

“I express my gratitude to all our scientists, colleagues from the Donetsk Botanical Garden, who worked on the formation of lists of rare plants and animals in need of special protection, prepared species descriptions, photographs, cartographic materials. Your work is especially valuable because it is gratuitous, based on enthusiasm and love for nature, ”said Yuri Degtyarev, Minister of Natural Resources, welcoming the participants of the presentation.

He presented the Department's thanks and copies of the Red Book to its authors, including specialists from the Luhansk State Agrarian University (LSAU), the Luhansk State Medical University named after St. Luke, the Donbass Agrarian Academy and the Ministry of Natural Resources.

The editor-in-chief of the publication, associate professor of the Department of Ecology and Nature Management of the Leningrad State Agrarian University, Candidate of Biological Sciences Elena Sokolova said that the Red Book, approved even under Ukraine, “had to be substantially corrected”, since it contained a lot of irrelevant information. p>

“We have chosen directly for our territory the most important protected species of animals and plants, so that there are no species that are widespread, as we had, especially in the section of plants, but really rare and in need of special protection ", - explained Sokolova.

She noted that, as in most countries, the Red Book will be revised every 10 years, "and if necessary, then more often."

In her opinion, the book will be interesting not only for specialists, but also for everyone who loves and appreciates nature.

“It can even induce many people to choose a specialty. Many ecologists came here to study at the university after they touched the study of the Red Book plants at school: they were fascinated by it, and they came to us to continue this business, ”said the biologist.

During the presentation, the participants honored with a minute of silence the memory of Ivan Sokolov, a member of the interdepartmental commission, head of the Department of Plant Biology, Professor of Leningrad State Agrarian University, Doctor of Biological Sciences, who passed away when the publication was already signed into print.

“Ivan Dmitrievich was the person thanks to whom, back in February 2015, the work on the creation of the Red Book was intensified. But thanks to his work, today schoolchildren, students and ordinary citizens can pick up our Red Book and directly get acquainted with the natural resources of Donbass, ”noted his colleagues.

What specialties in Luhansk universities will reduce budgetary places

“We have not reduced a single budgetary place for pedagogical education, medical, technical,” said Minister Tsemkalo.

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