In "House-2": Rapunzel showed the apartment she won

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Nastya Gold wanted to justify herself in front of her subscribers: why doesn't she work at the enterprise or “for her uncle”. Users want a young, beautiful girl to go to work. According to Anastasia, she works for herself: the owner of a bedding store. The girl regrets those who do not understand such work. The subscribers took offense and began to insult Gold.

Gold complains about how difficult it is for her to live with her husband

Not so long ago, fans sympathized with Anastasia, who had to spend February 14 alone. Yabbarov left his wife after another quarrel. He is currently ill. Gold complained to subscribers that Ilya requires too much attention to his person, whines. It is difficult for her to live with a person who has such a difficult character ... Nastya is on the verge. But it is getting harder and harder for her to hold on.

Blackly depressed and wants to leave Instagram

Everything was easy on the project. Participants were fed, they were paid royalties. Now guys and girls have to survive on their own outside the perimeter. The difficulties have already been voiced by Sasha Cherno. It turns out that it is difficult for her to reproach a large family. She told about this to subscribers. Madame Hovhannisyan's subscribers will not understand: she scolds them for a small number of likes and threatens to clean the list of people. At the same time, he seeks support from them. Somehow it would be necessary to decide ... Cherno has one type of income: to publish advertisements in stories and in posts. Previously, the most complete participant in the project “Dom-” 2 received increased attention. Over time, the popularity began to decrease, and this makes Sasha angry.

Dmitrenko's wife showed the apartment she won on the House-

Is it possible to live in the apartment that Olga won? Apparently not! The property consists of bare brick walls, with running water and sewerage. The Dmitrenko family consists of 4 people. They will be cramped in odnushka, and even without repair. Olga and Dmitry got a mortgage on a two-room apartment.

Savkina's new project

On her Instagram page, the younger Rapunzel shared the news with subscribers. She was invited to a project called "Crush". What will happen in this show is unknown. The presentation, with the participation of Nikita Dzhigurda, has already taken place. Savkina considers herself worthy of respect. At 22, she is raising her son alone. She doesn't give up. And she herself makes a living. So far, the young mother does not think about her personal life. When there was a presentation of the project, the young man Savkina's tongue twisted. He gestured that he and Alena would "give in".

Fans are sure that Dava and Buzova are together

Now only the lazy does not discuss the parting of Buzova and Manukyan. But it is difficult to hide facts from the attention of subscribers.

The other day, the singing presenter walked with her mother around the capital. She took a picture in the courtyard of the house. A car came into the frame. At the same time, Manukyan published a picture with the same car ... Is it really a coincidence? Hardly.

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