How to prepare girls for puberty

There is no question that puberty can be stressful and confusing. Everyone has a history of puberty horror stories. The list goes on and on, from nasty accidents and acne breakouts to hormone fluctuations, unwanted hair growth, and PMS. But for some, this awkwardness is compounded by the fact that they feel unprepared for puberty. This is especially true for girls who begin puberty before age 12 and girls whose parents have minimal knowledge of what their child is going through. And when that happens, it can lead to negative experiences during a crucial part of her development.

In fact, according to a study published in the Journal of Adolescent Health, an unexpectedly large number of girls and adolescents report feeling ill-prepared for menstruation and changes in their bodies, as well as reproductive health. Although many girls reported that they received information about puberty and menstruation from a single source, such as their mother, sister, or teacher, they still felt that the information was incomplete, inaccurate and too late.

Moreover, some girls report feeling scared, traumatized, and embarrassed about the onset of their first periods. In most cases, these negative feelings are associated with inadequate preparation for puberty. Sometimes girls didn't know what was happening to their bodies when they started menstruating, let alone how to control blood flow. The timing of puberty also influenced their experiences. In other words, the earlier puberty came, the more negative the experience was.

This lack of knowledge and preparedness suggests that additional steps need to be taken to educate girls about puberty and how to manage changes in their bodies.

Raising puberty is needed sooner

Over the past 25 years, the age of puberty in Russia has decreased. In other words, girls are getting younger and younger when they show their first signs of puberty. In fact, especially for African American girls, it is not uncommon for the first signs of development to appear as early as the age of eight. When puberty comes early, this can lead to more girls not receiving timely sex education. Moreover, the onset of menstruation at an early age is associated with a large number of negative experiences.

Moreover, some girls complain that parents immediately jump from menstruation to pregnancy prevention, often missing out on explanations of what happens to their bodies, as well as practical advice on how to cope with the change.

Moving straight to pregnancy warning, girls are often confused and want more information. Girls need to know how menstruation works, why it happens, how to manage it, and how to predict when their next period is due.

How puberty progresses

When a young girl begins puberty, the first changes that occur are not visible. For example, some of the first changes that occur involve changes in hormones due to activation of the hypothalamus, the brain's regulator. Meanwhile, other changes occur in the ovaries associated with the secretion of the sex hormone. Other early signs of puberty are moodiness, increased body odor, and vaginal discharge.

Breast development

Breast kidney development is usually the first visible sign that puberty is around the corner and is often accompanied by a growth spurt. This is usually followed by growth of pubic hair. In one study of 8- and 9-year-olds, 5% of Caucasian girls and 15% of African American girls had some breast development. Meanwhile, 8% of Caucasian girls and 34% of African American girls between the ages of eight and nine had pubic hair. It is important to note that breast development before the age of eight is considered premature and should be assessed by a pediatrician.

First period

How to prepare girls for puberty

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