How to make light on a walk-behind tractor

DIY lighting installation

Manufacturers of special equipment offer spare parts for walk-behind tractors and ready-to-connect lighting kits, consisting of a headlight, toggle switch and wiring. However, many owners of units, to avoid additional costs, prefer independent preparation and installation of lighting equipment. Installing lighting on a mini-tractor with your own hands does not require special skills, the acquisition of expensive materials and the use of special equipment. Headlights from various Soviet-assembled vehicles are often used as a lighting device for agricultural machines.

Pay attention! The brightness of the old flashlight may not be enough for special equipment to drive onto the track or perform a large amount of work. In addition, the service life of such a device does not exceed 2-3 months.

Battery Lighting

You can make light on a walk-behind tractor without a generator by installing a 12 V battery. The battery from a motorcycle, moped or boat is taken as a power source. Don't give up your car battery. If you put a heavy power source on the cultivator, then you can solve several associated problems - equip the unit with an electric starter and significantly weight its body. In addition, it would be useful to be able to illuminate the area at night without the engine running. This feature can come in handy for a picnic or night fishing.

Installing the headlight on a walk-behind tractor using a battery is carried out in the following sequence:

  • Arrangement of the frame for the power supply. It is best to use a steel corner for this. The frame should be fixed directly to the frame of the motor cultivator body. After lowering the battery into the niche, it is firmly fixed in it using steel straps.
  • Attach a lantern and auxiliary lights. The headlight on the walk-behind tractor is placed so that it illuminates the widest possible sector without blinding the operator and oncoming vehicles. It is better to choose devices with an adjustable angle of illumination.
  • The location of the electric cable in the corrugation along the unit body. Installation and connection of control devices. The tester checks the correct assembly of the electrical system.
  • Connecting the wire to the battery terminals, leading the wire to the back box. Connecting wires to the switch, insulating joints, joints and twists.

In order for the battery capacity to last for a long time, LED lamps must be inserted into the lanterns. They consume negligible amounts of energy to create bright lighting.

DIY headlight production

Small upgrades to an outdated headlamp will greatly increase its performance. To re-equip the luminaire filling, you need to prepare gypsum, fiberglass and epoxy. The process of alteration of the lantern takes place in several stages:

  • the base of the headlight is freed from glass and other elements attached to it with plastic clips;
  • To create an accurate dummy of the lamp frame, liquid plaster is poured over the entire area of ​​the base lighting device. After complete drying, the impression is removed from the mold;
  • three layers of fiberglass are applied to the finished copy, each of which is treated with epoxy resin. The mold should freeze for 24 hours under vacuum conditions (you can use a container with a hermetically sealed lid). Then the workpiece is carefully processed with sandpaper;
  • the glass for the dummy is made of fiberglass, which is placed on a special platform made of wooden slats in an oven heated to 200 ° C (before this it is very important not to forget to remove the protective layer from the surface of the material );
  • as soon as the fiberglass begins to deform, it can be removed and applied to the finished impression. Until it has completely cooled and hardened, the workpiece is again placed in a vacuum;
  • at the final stage of the process, the homemade headlight is sanded again with sandpaper and degreased.

The improved lantern can be equipped with one or a pair of halogen lamps or LED strip. After that, the product will be ready for installation on a mini-tractor.

Important! It is possible to install the headlight on the walk-behind tractor only after a complete check of the lighting device and exclusion of the possibility of a short circuit. For installation, it is desirable to use a rigid structure with four fasteners.

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