How makeup was turned into a work of art: the most striking images of contemporary artists

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Living Porcelainette Doll

An American make-up artist with the nickname Porcelainette often hears that she shouldn't wear doll clothes and paint madly, because she's ... full. However, the girl encourages people to take life a little less seriously - after all, we were born for joy!

Why not put on some funny clown makeup, wear a silk kimono and post a photo on social media - just for fun? However, the skill with which Porcelainette creates for itself the image of a "living doll" evokes thoughts not so much about a joke as about high art. Perfectly even tone, smooth transitions of shades, frightening elements - for example, a bleeding nose or devil horns - along with sparkles, rhinestones and flower petals ...

Each girl's photo is a fantastic story. However, her own story is full of sorrow and pain - during her school years, Porcelainette experienced bullying, then rape. The art of makeup and the creation of unusual images for herself and for others became a real salvation for her, helped to overcome negative emotions and find real friends. Porcelainette was once rejected and insulted, but now many people admire her talent and courage.

She is inspired by everything beautiful and extravagant - the aesthetics of drag queens (these are men who try on exaggerated feminine images for stage performances), circus artists and, of course, all kinds of dolls - both old and modern, and artistic, and those that can be seen in any toy store. Her wardrobe is full of romantic things and jewelry in vintage style, complementing unusual makeup - in this form, she appears not only to subscribers, but also gets out for a walk.

Despite the fact that Porcelainette is a professional makeup artist, today it is more of a hobby for her. Her current work is expectedly associated with the main source of inspiration - the artist is restoring broken articulated dolls.

Creative Cat aka bleedkitsune and her fantastic cosplay

Our compatriot, known under the nickname Creative Cat or bleedkitsune, has loved to draw since childhood, wrote poetry ... And with age, her craving for creativity only intensified. The girl works a lot, actively writes texts and articles for various publications, is engaged in photography, illustration - and, of course, artistic make-up. She is her own artist, photographer, and model - on her Instagram you can see the most fantastic images referring to famous characters of modern culture (for example, the witch Sabrina, Disney heroines, and so on).

In addition, the Creative Cat is inspired by the films of Tim Burton and Guillermo del Toro, computer games and the accounts of other makeup artists. Both cosplay and the original work of bleedkitsune are always complex, inventive, sometimes gloomy, but always fascinate with aesthetics and quality of execution. Sequins, ornaments, unusual shades ... It can take from half an hour to several hours to create each image, but the result is worth it!

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