How Evgeny Dubov from Yoshkar-Ola became a master of scissors and comb






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Doll grandfather do it yourself

I think many will agree with me that Yevgeny Dubov's incredible take-off in his life's work - the art of hairdressing - can be considered a good example. But few people know how from a simple ordinary guy who came to Yoshkar-Ola from Krasnodar, who has neither acquaintances nor funds, a famous master grew up.

Diligence, great desire and responsibility for the work performed helped to achieve recognition. For the uninitiated, it may seem that Eugene was just lucky, the circumstances were successful, but only he knows what kind of work it cost him to establish himself in the profession and reach the international level in skill. Yes, he managed to find his own unique author's style in a seemingly simple hairdressing craft. In his work, Evgeny Dubov moved away from the established practice of many hairdressers to make "short-lived" haircuts. And he made the right decision. Each of his haircuts is unique, and most importantly, it retains its shape for quite a long time, which women are incredibly happy about.

There are no accidents

Although, as Yevgeny himself admits, he came to hairdressing quite by accident, because his paternal grandfather prepared him for a military career, his aunt for the life of an artist.

- Now, after many years, I am thinking: did I have a childhood? - Eugene began to tell his story. - Although my grandfather and grandmother dreamed that I would enter the Suvorov School and be a military man, I did not see myself in this profession. But, nevertheless, to please them, he diligently studied the exact sciences: physics, mathematics, drawing. He constantly participated in the Olympiads. My paternal aunt also took an active part in my upbringing. She predicted a completely different future for me, and therefore offered to send me to music, dance and art schools. Total: musician - three years, dancer - the same, eight years of vocal and three years of art schools. But he liked to draw, he loved to draw women. Sometimes the thought even crept in that someday I would become a famous stylist.

Such a rich life lasted until the end of grade 11. They kept Eugene, as he himself says, in tight-knit gloves, there was total control over his successes. And to go for a walk, he admits, with friends, oh, how I wanted. And when he graduated from school, he just ran away from home to Moscow and entered one of the capital's modeling agencies, and at the same time, at the law faculty at the school of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, just like that, on a dare. Having passed the entrance exams to the university excellently, he also continued to study well. During the year of study at the law faculty, he mastered two courses at once, after which they began to offer him a job as a lawyer. But in the fourth year, Eugene suddenly realizes that this chosen path is not his, and leaves the university, and later, on the advice of his mother, is transferred to the institute of the food industry. Yes, I had to look for myself in different directions: there was a time when I worked in the capital's cafes and restaurants.

Sharp bend

2010 completely changed the life of Evgeny Dubov. Then he just came to visit his grandmother in Yoshkar-Ola. It was she who persuaded him to stay in the city. She just took it and convinced me to settle in the Mari capital.

- At first I didn't like it in Yoshkar-Ola, - continues Evgeny. - The scope was not the same. I tried to get a job as a cook, but it didn’t work, and the salary was not high at that time. I already regretted that I stayed to live in Yoshkar-Ola.

And then his relatives offer him to go to the Employment Center: "Go, at least get something from the state ...". With this thought, Eugene went in search of a better life.

- The offered vacancies for blue-collar professions did not suit me, - says Eugene. - Not just mine. And then they cautiously say: "There are also courses for hairdressers." And I, without any hesitation, agree to study. In addition, the hairdressing experience was once upon a time. In difficult times, this craft helped my mother and me a lot. Living with her, we had to experience a lot: we lived in wealth, and in poverty, and in poverty. All passed ... And often I had to cut my mother, neighbors, acquaintances. Of the tools were: a clipper, a razor, a comb and office scissors. Nothing else.

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