Hakros' answer in "March 8, girls"

When I was in grade one or two, my first teacher went to the hospital (when I became an adult, I realized that she was in the gynecological department).

The teacher was young, beautiful, kind and fair, so I loved her very much, like all my classmates, by the way.

I was a smart girl and an adult, I knew from somewhere that if a person is in the hospital, then he just needs to be pleased - to visit and treat him with something tasty! And so I decided to bring joy to my beloved Lydia Ivanovna, and at the same time to myself, because I had time to miss her. After counting the money left over from those that my dad gave me for a pie and stewed fruit in the school cafeteria, I went to the store. My savings were only enough for a small transparent cellophane bag with sugar drops, which I bought - after all, they were divinely delicious candies! And Lidia Ivanovna will be just happy with such a transfer! And so my classmate, whom I persuaded to go with me, went to the hospital. The road seemed to us long (in fact, 7-10 minutes), we got a little tired, and I decided that nothing terrible would happen if I open the bag and we eat a couple of sweets. It will be completely imperceptible! And while we walked, we poured a little bit of it out of the bag three times. Fair! But the bag turned out to be somehow flimsy and completely torn, so they had to throw it away and put the candy in the pocket of my jacket.

And now I still have a picture in front of my eyes: we went to the door of the hospital department, in the door there is a small window above our heads, a woman in a white coat and a hat peeps out of the window, asks who we are to came. I explain for a long time that to the teacher and ask to call Lidia Ivanovna. A minute later, our teacher looks out of the window in surprise, we greet her, she about us asks something, and then I put my hand in my pocket, scoop up a handful of monpensier and hold it out to her. She smiles and holds out her hand. I try to give her sweets, but they melted a little in my hand as I squeezed them tightly, stuck together and stuck to my hand. I hardly peel them off my palm, and Lidia Ivanovna takes them and thanks me. And I go home with a sense of accomplishment, satisfied and happy.

And remembering this, as an adult, I understand the absurdity of the situation and am amazed at the wisdom and kindness of my teacher. She didn't even show that I had done something wrong, she just took the sticky lump of monpensier and thanked me.

What kind of ridiculous situation is this? very touching. People remember such stories later when children share exactly significant things: sweets, toys. Great teacher and you are great!

Montpensier - Small multi-colored candies with a pronounced aroma. In the past, the aroma was provided by the addition of spices, nowadays - the addition of fruit essences. The name comes from the name of the Duchess of Montpensier, known from the novels of Dumas as the Great Mademoiselle.

Most adults are not critical of children's emotional impulses, do not worry))

Good teacher. And you are great. And the post is good) thanks.

She encouraged your impulse of kindness) That's great!

I also remember, I was in grade 5, the Russian language teacher was in the hospital, we went to her with a sweet roll. In the 90s, they were popular, inexpensive, and as if not empty-handed. The doctor's money was barely enough from paycheck to paycheck, well, they could not go to visit / to the hospital empty-handed. And now I'm trying to take something for tea or fruit.

What year? My grandmother's name is L.I. But, in primary school, she could only teach when she was young.

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