External antenna for a Yota modem or router: types and connection methods

Yota uses 4G communications using a high frequency signal - the LTE standard. Long Term Evolution is a long-term development, based, in turn, on mobile network technologies such as GSM / EDGE, UMTS / HSPA.

This format allows you to achieve speeds (under favorable conditions) - 326.4 Mbps - while downloading files, 172.8 Mbps - while uploading. With a time delay at the moments of data transfer - 5 ms.

Such networks are most popular in small countries - South Korea, Japan, Kuwait. This is due to the main problem of this wireless protocol: base stations operate within a radius of about 6.8 km, given that the most popular bands LTE2600, LTE1800 MHz are used in Russia.

In this regard, if there are difficulties with the reception / transmission of the Yota signal, you have to look for options to improve the signal. If simple methods (updating software, drivers, removing obstacles indoors, etc.) failed to cope with the problems, then it may be necessary to use amplifying equipment - an antenna and a signal amplifier for Yota.

How to choose and not be deceived

The main parameter for antennas is the gain. A special unit of measurement is provided - isotropic decibel (dBi). So, if someone is trying to sell an antenna for Yota in the form of a small box and at the same time guarantees a gain of almost 80 dBi, then this is a clear deception. As an example, let's imagine an antenna with a small gain of 25-30 dBi with an operating range of 2500-2700 MHz, so its size will be almost 2x2 meters. The laws of physics are hard ignore.

Without going into details, it is safe to say that there are no antennas among the available products that amplify the signal by more than 20-25 dBi. All suggestions of "storytellers" -sellers about special technologies for signal amplification are pure bluffs. After all, the buyer will not be able to verify the veracity of these assurances, especially within the street market or online. Especially if you have a poor understanding of the technical features of the amplification process.

Therefore, it is best to choose products from reputable manufacturers through official websites or representative offices. Or in large online stores of the corresponding profile.

If you spend some time on the net, then there is an opportunity to choose Chinese models. In some cases, factory-made devices can be of quite decent quality. However, you should carefully study the reviews of specific users of these models (owners of Yota modems), but not on sites with recommendations, where you can stumble upon purchased (fake) reviews, but on thematic forums dedicated specifically to antennas for Yota.

Another thing to say about the warranty period. When buying products on the market or on little-known store sites, the guarantee is very conditional. Problems can appear when buying online and on foreign Internet portals. It can be extremely difficult to prove anything. In the case when the product is purchased in a normal store, it is necessary to make sure that all documents are prepared as follows: with dates, signature of the sales consultant and the seal of the company.

How to set up

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