Elena Blinovskaya: “Fulfilling desires is my favorite pastime! "

Cars, apartments, dogs, just cash prizes - for 2 years now Elena has been pleasing her subscribers, whom she chooses rondomally at the behest of her heart, just so that she can see a smile and happiness. By doing this, she wants to show people that dreams can and should come true, because thoughts are material and one has only to really want to.

For 2 years, Elena has presented gifts for a huge amount, and the price of the issue is not what is being paid attention to. The main thing is the desire of people. Whatever people think of under her post: apartments, cars, travel, funds for treatment or tuition fees - the list is endless. In January, for example, a girl was lucky who wrote briefly: “I want Renault Captur,” and after five days her wish was fulfilled. And just the other day, Elena fulfilled a very simple, but at the same time such an important desire of her subscriber - to get out of the bondage of an employee and engage in creative, interesting activities. Tatyana, who made this wish, asked for support of 150 thousand rubles, which will help her start doing what she loves, which Elena happily fulfilled.

"The more you give, the more you get" - a thought that Elena Blinovskaya has been bringing to the masses for many years, and this energy is transmitted to subscribers. Repeating Elena's message, many also give gifts to unknown people. The cycle of good, launched by Elena Blinovskaya, is capturing an increasing number of people.

At the end of the year, Elena Blinovskaya will present a 3-room apartment in a good area, which she has already bought, to the one who has completed all her marathons.

PerfectSwell® Shizunami Completes American Wave Machines, Inc

The construction of a surf pool using PerfectSwell® Surf Technology was successfully completed this year despite extremely adverse business conditions affecting international travel and the challenge of achieving high construction productivity. License holder Surf Stadium Japan (SSJ) and AWM have worked together to overcome the difficulties of sourcing thousands of components. Construction work was completed in a record 389 days.

During the start-up tests conducted by AWM specialists, innovative solutions that have not been previously applied will be tested. One of them is a unique mechanism of formation of waves with different spatial characteristics Temporal Distortion, which allows reaching a new level of control of their hydrodynamics. "This mechanism will greatly expand the choice of waves for both training experienced surfers and for training beginners," said William McFarland, software developer for surfing pools of AWM, "It will add the ability to change the characteristics of the wave and increase its dynamics. generally". Improvements have also been made to the power and performance control mechanism of the wave generating system. "The start-up tests confirm that we have been able to improve performance," said Project Lead Engineer Miquel Lazaro.

The PerfectSwell ® Shizunami project demonstrates how you can create the highest performance waves in a modern city in relatively small specialized "surfing arenas". The scalability of PerfectSwell® surf technology convincingly proves that it can be successfully used worldwide for surfing of all levels. “Surfing is included in the Olympic Games program for the first time. This is a watershed moment for the sport, ”said AWM founder Bruce McFarland. The PerfectSwell® Shizunami surf pool provides a permanent base for athletes training, exhibitions and events leading up to the Olympic Games.

Chinese Leadership Pledge to Reduce Poverty

“Ensuring that poor people and poor areas can also become part of a moderately prosperous society along with the rest of the people of the country is a solemn promise of our party,” said President Xi Jinping.

CMG recently released the TV series "Fighting Poverty," which chronicles how China lifted millions out of poverty. The first episode provides an overview of how the Chinese leadership has fulfilled its solemn pledge to rid all rural people living below the poverty line from poverty by 2020.

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