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The interpretation of such a dream primarily depends on what kind of relationship the dreamer has with his parents and the current circumstances of his life. Let's try to understand why mom is dreaming in a dream: yours, boyfriend, she smiled, cried or was drunk. In general, the maternal image evokes only positive emotions, and after waking up, most people feel good and remain in high spirits. But, do such dreams have a hidden meaning, and what warnings can they carry?

Dream interpretation: mom in a dream symbolizes your need for support and family warmth.

Interpretation of the meaning of sleep, depending on the details

Dreams in which the image of the mother appears have two types of interpretation - psychological and esoteric. Psychological - based on the latest events in the dreamer's life and his state of mind. Most often, such a dream means that a person suffers from loneliness, needs support and care, or feels confused. Esoteric - claims that the dream about the mother is associated with the success awaiting the dreamer in the future. Further actions will bring you joy and satisfaction, his work will be generously rewarded, and others will appreciate your talents and mental qualities.

Who saw the dream: woman or man

Both sexes may react emotionally to such a dream, but there is little difference in the interpretation for men and women. Traditional dream books give two different interpretations separately for women and men.

Interpretation for women and girls.

I dreamed of a mother who is no longer alive - what does this mean?

To see a sad and pensive mother in a dream - to the appearance of your own child. If the dreamer already has a baby, it means that he may get sick - he should be well monitored.

Remember what exactly happened in your dream:

  • a long conversation with your mother - you will reveal some of your secrets to your life partner;
  • a quarrel - expect big profits associated with your talents in handicrafts or cooking;
  • < li> seeing off or goodbye before leaving - you will gain independence, leave your home and change your life.

What does mom dream about: interpretation of the meaning of sleep for women and men

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Why not just add new skills without global crew rework?

The current crew has existed without changes in the game for a very long time - since 2012, so it is obvious that a number of mechanics in the crew system need improvements and changes. The main directions in which we plan to develop the crew system are as follows:

  • increasing the comfort of interaction with the crew;
  • increasing the variety of skills and abilities (talents);
  • creating a transparent progression system, with clear and achievable goals;
  • interface updates and crew management tools.

To bring these ideas to life, we tried various solutions. But in the end, they all turned out to be "half measures", unable to radically change the situation. As a result, we decided not to focus on certain aspects, but to completely redesign the current crew system.

There is currently no exact date for the release of Crew 2.0. Now the most important and priority task is to collect feedback from players who took part in the "Sandbox" and tested the proposed system. Play, share your opinions, take questionnaires - based on your feedback, we will take further steps towards Crew 2.0.

In short, how is the new crew different from the old one?

The main differences between Crew 2.0:

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