Do-it-yourself MTS satellite dish installation

The case is as old as a mammoth. It was 8-9 years ago, I was just starting my craft of computer repair. It was Sunday, the call.

You are disturbed by the prosecutor's office such and such. Our computer broke down, but you were recommended, could not come to see. Of course I can, but where should I go? To the prosecutor's office, they answer. I myself, to be honest, knew roughly where she was, but clarified, is it on such and such a street? The answer is yes. Okay, I answer.

And maybe everything would have worked out for them if I had to go exactly 2 minutes to the prosecutor's office. And now the fun part))

I quickly drive up, and insolently go to the prosecutor's office, there is supposedly a cop sitting there, I immediately do a computer to the chief. No documents or anything, they let through right away. He asked where the boss was, they indicated, I knock, knock and call at this moment, pick up the phone and they tell me when you arrive, I ask what? At the same time, I stand in front of the chief's door. Yes, stop by, buy champagne on the way and a box of chocolates, we have a banquet here, we will give the money back and then I hear that they ask me from the office, while they show them with a kind of quiet finger. I answer them (the callers) that they have already hung up in the chief's office.

I turned out to be the third who came to fix the computer. Only others were with champagne and they also put money on the phone through the machine.

I was stupidly lucky that the ride was close.

This divorce is as old as mammoth shit

Sunday? And the prosecutor's office is working? And the boss is in place? And did you know that you repair computers? And the banquet on Sunday? Liar.

I remember it precisely because it was Sunday. To be honest, I myself was surprised that the prosecutor's office was working.

do all chtoli shrink their point at the word prosecutor's office? they need to, let them go.

Right. My grandmother answered the doctors like that)

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His own case for the

MTS satellite Internet is a new option for accessing the network. The World Wide Web has flooded the world. From small to great, they can no longer imagine their life without the Internet. Communication, information, cinematography, business, shopping - and this is only a small part of what the Internet gives. This is a limitless world in which you can find whatever you want. The company offers an excellent saving option by receiving a network along with satellite TV. Consider the possible options for accessing the network via satellite.

The main advantages of satellite Internet and television

Choosing between cable and satellite? Here are 10 reasons for choosing satellite services to help you make your choice:

  • Unlimited broadcasting. Thanks to the satellite signal, you can cover up to 100% of the country's territory. Analogue or digital (cable) terrestrial television broadcasting does not achieve such coverage, especially in the private sector and in mountainous areas. The satellite dish receives a stable signal even in hard-to-reach areas, while the costs of satellite TV broadcasting and the Internet will be much less than when laying a terrestrial cable route.
  • High quality picture and sound. Analog TV channels have always had problems with picture quality. With the gradual transition of television broadcasting to digital format, it was possible to slightly correct the situation, but in the private sector and hard-to-reach regions it is almost impossible to connect digital TV and a stable Internet. The only way out is a satellite dish. Satellite TV can broadcast not only without interference, but also in the modern High Definition 1080i (16: 9) format. Moreover, many TV channels use Dolby Digital audio tracks, which provide digital surround sound. / ul>

    High Definition 1080i (16: 9) resolution is suitable for modern wide screen TVs

  • Number of TV channels. The satellite dish can receive signals from hundreds of different channels in Russian from the federal, regional or local broadcasting network. The selection is impressive.
  • Change the language of the audio track. With a satellite dish, you can get access not only to Russian-language TV channels, but also to channels from other countries using a similar broadcasting technology. Unlike cable providers, there are no restrictions here. This option is popular among those who are forced to live abroad, but want to watch their favorite channels and programs in Russian. It is also used by people studying a foreign language, because the fastest way to learn is to be in a language environment. Already today, many popular TV channels (for example, EuroNews) broadcast at least two audio tracks.
  • Satellite hunting (DXing). In English terminology, DX is an abbreviation for distant, and DX-man is an adventurous viewer who constantly picks up the signals of the most exotic TV channels from all available satellites. Satellite broadcasting can become a hobby and even a profession.

    A repeater satellite transmits a digital signal from an antenna to media devices

  • Thematic variety. There are channels entirely dedicated to one area, for example, films, music, documentaries, sports, travel. Now only satellite TV offers the most thematic channels for a wide variety of viewers. One of the interesting features of satellite TV is the ability to create your own broadcast package. You have the right to refuse unwanted or unnecessary channels and keep only interesting ones.
  • Additional functions. The choice of options depends on the technical capabilities of the digital receiver. This can be program guide (EPG), program rewind (timeshift), recording programs on a hard disk, teletext, games, real-time weather information, Internet radio, parental controls to protect children from unwanted content.
  • Satellite Internet (WebTV). It is an integrated system "television = Internet", where one complements the other. The rest of the satellite Internet does not differ from cable. Such a connection is not inferior in speed to fiber-optic, and sometimes even surpasses it.
  • Radio stations from anywhere in the world. Music lovers will love the many free and paid radio stations dedicated to various genres: rap, rock, folk, jazz, classical.
  • Price. Yes, connecting and configuring satellite equipment is expensive entertainment. On the other hand, it will be cheaper to connect satellite services than to buy an average TV, and you can install and configure the equipment yourself.

Satellite Internet Specifications

MTS is implemented as the center of new generation broadband satellite networks from powerful geostationary stations located at 35786 km, in the mode of 18. -30 GHz. These new purpose-built satellites are designed and optimized for any application and instrument that targets a much smaller area than the wide beams used in early communications satellites.

This technology allows the satellites of the assigned band to be reused several times, which are capable of achieving much higher throughput rates than conventional satellites. The gateway network provides network services for terrestrial communications. Each gateway guarantees multi-service access for the subscriber terminal to connect to the MTS Internet.

For the customer, subject to the availability of hardware (PC and router), to access the satellite broadband network, additional components will be required:

  • outdoor unit (ODU) - dish.
  • VSAT antenna (head) - must have an unobstructed view of the sky to provide line of sight (L-O-S). Three physical characteristic parameters used to tune the antenna: azimuth, altitude, polarization (skew).

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