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After you set it on fire, the dripping wax will seal your idol tightly. During this process, no matter what your popular prayer is, it is recited. To do this, it is necessary to consecrate the salt taken with you on the big Orthodox holiday of the Annunciation.

All the things you need to create an idol must be obtained specifically for the ritual, while taking change from such a transaction is prohibited. If you have some of the items left, then you cannot use them in everyday life, it is best to throw out all the leftovers. Home idol from all adversity

Both positive and negative. Slavic idols for ladies Idols in the form of dolls among the Slavs and their meaning After filling it with everything you need, tightly close the bottle with a lid and place a reddish candle on top.

Salt as a talisman against spoilage Popular articles of the "Idols" section That part of the infusion that has remained intact will be needed for you to wash your face. Spend it every morning. A reliable idol from damage that you make with your own hands can give you protection from any negative impact.

After you're done, shake the bottle exactly nine times. Your idol is ready. If you have a desire, you can read protective words on it.

No matter how you use salt, it will absorb all the negativity that surrounds you. The used salt should be thrown away, and ideally, it should be buried in the ground. Copying materials is allowed only with an active link to the source Nettle amulet

Such tried and tested Slavic methods will help you avoid all the troubles. "Where it came from, it drove off there." Used water should be immediately poured over the threshold of the house. If you have there is an opportunity to light a candle in front of an Orthodox icon, then reading the psalm "Living to Help" before the icon will bring a very positive result. It is better to say it more than 3 times. Another prayer that is popular for you can also be recited.

It is even safer and easier to put on yourself and your loved ones magic protection than later to find effective Slavic rituals to remove negativity and eliminate the consequences of witchcraft. There are a huge number of such amulets, but in this article we will tell only about the most effective and reliable of them. Urgent help with corruption How to make an idol from knots

If this ritual is performed in the summer, then the nettles should be freshly harvested. If there is no such ability, then you will need a few pinches of dried herb. Idols from envy and opponents If you feel that they are trying to put the evil eye on you, then take hold of any iron object with your fingers: keys or a coin.

Mysticism and power of nauzes on the hand To perform such Slavic rituals from the evil eye should be on the arriving moon, late at night, after sunset. Ordinary kitchen salt is recognized as another widespread amulet against damage and the evil eye. Its popularity is explained by the fact that this item has a completely neutral magical energy, which means, like a sponge, it absorbs any energy action directed at it.

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