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How to properly use a transitional solvent for an inexperienced car enthusiast

Transitional painting of a car is performed when, for some reason, it is impossible to paint over a dent, chip or rusty spot so that the painted area does not stand out against the general background of the entire body. Below are the basic prerequisites for using transition paint:

  • Metallic grain mismatch between the repair paint and the original;
  • The paint has burned out on the car, making the freshly painted area look much brighter;
  • An error occurred while choosing the correct shade.

As for the solvent for transitions, there are several types. There is a solvent for varnish and base paint. These solvents must be applied directly to the surface of the body to be treated before painting the vehicle.

In the case of using a solvent for the base, the treatment with this substance precedes the application of paint, and it is very important that the solvent layer does not evaporate from the surface. Grains of base paint dissolve and sink in the drying solvent, creating the desired effect of a blurred border between new and old material. A thinner for enamel or varnishes is used in a similar way: first, a thin layer of solvent is applied, and then immediately the varnish or enamel.

In order to achieve the best possible result, it is very important to know how to use the transition solvent correctly. There is a technique in which the solvent is mixed with a portion of paint or varnish, but in this case, the surface must be treated several times. First, the proportions of 3: 1 should be observed, and then the solvent is added at the rate of 1: 1. This is done for achieve a smooth transition.

Essentially, a spray bottle contains a colored solvent that is too thin for an inexperienced motorist to avoid drips. It is also very difficult to determine the correct amount of solvent in a hurry, so professional craftsmen recommend painting the surface first, and only then using the solvent for the transition.

Transition Solvent Cartridge

Today I want to touch on the topic of coloring with a color transition. I'll explain right away. That this method is used in those moments when it is impossible to paint over the damaged area on the car without highlighting this area. There are several prerequisites for painting with a transition:

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In Russia it is customary to call incense the odorous resinous substances that are sold in churches, but in fact the word incense is taken from paganism - in honor of the goddess Lada.

Let's sit side by side, but let's talk well - that is, amicably and kindly.

Green tea has long been considered one of the most healing plants on Earth. Many nationalities have been drinking it for centuries and using it in a wide variety of areas of life. It rejuvenates, raises immunity, relieves puffiness, helps with rashes, etc. Womensplay will tell its readers how to make green tea extract with your own hands and use its cosmetic properties.

The benefits of green tea

"Elixir of health and beauty" - the inhabitants of the East call it, and they are right. From time immemorial, the Chinese and Japanese have been drinking it and looking fit, beautiful and young. This became available to Europeans relatively recently, and the beneficial properties of green tea were appreciated by them one hundred percent.

It is noticed that if you drink a cup of freshly brewed green tea at least twice a day, you will never have swelling, your skin will become beautiful and radiant, you will have a fresh breath. In addition, green tea "pushes back" aging, prevents cancer, soothes, increases disease resistance.

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