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Feedback from our customers. The monkey looks pretty, if you stroke it on the head, it makes very pleasant sounds, in general, it is able to purr, laugh, send kisses in its own language. The main thing is that you can put it on your finger and it will hold on tightly with its paws. We laughed when we put her on her side, then she closed her eyes and began to snore. A small toy, but very interesting. Monkeys react to movement and voice, can perform about 40 different movements, attach to objects with their tail and paws, turn their heads and even send air kisses if blown into their faces. The toy is very funny and interesting. It's definitely worth its money.

You leave a request on the site. Our manager calls back and offers a convenient delivery option. We send the order by courier service SDEK or by post of the Russian Federation with a list of attachments. You receive the package, examine it, then pay. Cheerful monkey. Fingerlings Monkey. Monkeys are presented in 6 colors.

What is Fingerlings Monkey? Interactive toy monkey Fingerlings Monkey is a hand-held electronic very funny monkey that loves to grab a finger tightly with its arms and legs, as well as hang upside down, catching its tail on various objects. Fingerlings Monkey interactive monkeys are designed and manufactured by WowWee, a high-tech robotic smart toy company. Monkey height: 13 cm Package size: 15 x 22.5 x 6 cm Batteries: 4-LR44 Hold on to your finger Recognizes other smart monkeys Fingerlings Monkey. Fingerlings Monkey Review. In the body of the monkeys of Fingerlings toys there are sensitive sensors, a speaker and a microphone, thanks to which the monkeys analyze what is happening around them, hear and make various interesting sounds.

High quality durable materials. Develops the spatial thinking of the child. Adults can join the game and have fun spend time. There are several colors of monkeys. Bright and tactile details will increase your interest in learning new things. Several children can participate in the game process, which will increase the child's communication skills. How we are working?

Made with high quality, does not break with active games. Powered by batteries. Super fun and cool toy for playing in the house. Slamming up close to the monkey, she immediately perks up and starts making grimaces and twirling her head. The batteries last for three weeks with active daily use of the toy, unless, of course, the batteries are powerful, weak and will not last for a week.

World children's toys are now in the CIS World children's toys are now in the CIS! Fingerlings Monkey. Quality items Suitable for adults or children (+3) You want your child. Developed coordination of movements? Found yourself a fun activity for a few hours?

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