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One has only to run through the news channels, and immediately drown, suffocate, bend under an avalanche of threats, demands, blackmail directed at Russia. And it seems that on planet Earth there is only one country that is spread rot, scolded, punished. Only Russia is on the agenda.

Since Russia lost its sovereignty and fell into bondage to the West and the United States, this eternal call has not stopped: to corrupt, punish, wipe out. All of them bark incessantly, jumping, attacking, threatening, splashing out poisonous bile.

Wherever, whatever happens, everywhere they see the hand of the Kremlin. Europe is in a nervous hysteria: "Oh, they arrested Navalny, this is a spit in the face of the EU. They gave us a slap in the face. This is an open insult to the entire international community. Now you see what kind of Russian regime we are dealing with."

America is mad, ablaze with anger. “We will not allow persecution of Russian citizens, we will protect them.” - sounds from high American stands. The hysteria of the authorities is transmitted to ordinary Americans as well. In New York, the historic building of the Russian consulate was doused with red paint. They are offended, outraged that Russia dared to arrest the great "politician" - unfortunately, who has Russian citizenship.

While they are thinking of how to avenge the blogger, they have already found a new "crime" here: cyber hacking. Moreover, it is not individual hackers that are accused, but Russia as a state that organized and coordinated all this. And they are already preparing a tough response.

The ECHR deals with justice in Russia

In our country there are no criminals, delinquents, fraudsters - there are only innocent victims, offended by the Russian authorities.

Europe - reacts to every sneeze, jump, jump at every call from various criminals. They impose fines, come up with all kinds of sanctions. And if Russia would agree with all their orders, it would have been bankrupt long ago.

Remember the Yukos case. In 2014, the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) awarded Yukos shareholders compensation of 1.9 billion euros, then the Hague Court of Appeal ruled that Russia must pay already 57 billion dollars, including interest.

And all these years Russia has been trying to prove that the dispute with YUKOS is our internal affairs, and only Russian courts should consider it, not them.

And now, it would seem, the ice broke. We are making amendments to the Constitution. Stop bullying us. Russian laws should be superior to international ones.

But the global community is even more agitated.

The Venice Commission of the Council of Europe was outraged by the changes in the basic law of Russia.

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The entry was made by TK Lanskoy in: Fashion trends · 12 minutes ago

Tactile textures, natural tones and rounded shapes - how do these fashion trends manifest themselves in the interior of the bedroom?

Tactile rugs

Calm, only calm! Anti-stress is the main component of the bedroom interior. Here we strive to hide from the hustle and bustle and take a break from the impressions accumulated during the day, and therefore we often avoid bright colors, choosing a natural range and textures pleasant to the touch.

Carpets with natural motives are in fashion. These can be landscape sketches, classic floral patterns, abstractions inspired by "living" textures, the setting sun, clouds, sea foam and other natural phenomena.

Complex textures and relief are welcomed, with the help of which carpets underfoot acquire new tactile properties, which is especially important in the bedroom, where we often move barefoot.

From the assortment of the salon "Manders" (sections A4, A3)

Yellow on gray

We all know the names of two of the 2021 Pantone color favorites: “Ultimate Gray” and “Illuminating”. A life-affirming balance of calm and optimism - the perfect color scheme for the bedroom.

A fashionable color duo is the easiest way to settle in the interior with the help of textiles. Simple scheme: neutral gray bedspread + yellow pillows. The latter will become accent strokes of color, help visually invigorate and warm the room. If you want more "sun", change the proportions: yellow bedspread + gray pillows.

It is desirable to match the yellow tint with the general color scheme of the room. At the same time, it is not necessary to accurately "quote" the color by choosing yellow decorative elements. It can unobtrusively overlap with one of the shades in the carpet pattern or with print elements on the wallpaper.

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