A tale of wasted time

The use of a bio fireplace in the bedroom

A biofireplace is more of a piece of interior decoration. There are a lot of them in retail. And of different manufacturers and sizes. On our site you can see photos and videos on this topic and choose exactly what you need.

The price of the structures is also different. But many prefer hand-made products. A biofireplace burner plays an important role in this matter.

Making a bio fireplace

It will take a little material and patience. Before starting, you should figure out what kind of fireplace you want to get in the end.

They can be divided into several types:

  • Desktop is a rather small design.
  • Classic, that is, stationary. Then you have to do a little work.
  • Built into a wall, for example.

Take a look at your space and choose the one that suits your interior best. And only after that make a drawing, having previously thought over all the dimensions. Take the time to make a high-quality and detailed drawing, this will save you from the complexity of the work.

Heating block

This will probably be the most important building block. For a high-quality and safe manufacturing of a fuel block, you should pay attention to some things:

  • If you are making a burner for a biofireplace yourself, you need to choose only high-quality materials. Perhaps the most reliable material here will be metal, and more specifically, stainless steel. The burner made of stainless steel has a long service life. Such an element is the least susceptible to oxidation and high temperatures.
  • It is important that the burner for the biofireplace has thick walls. When heated, such steel will not deform quickly. During manufacture, if thin walls are applied, fuel fluid may spill and cause a fire. Be careful about your safety.
  • Build do it especially carefully. This is your safety.

Bio fireplace burner: how to make it yourself

This is a very instructive tale about not wasting time. The guys who did not handle carefully over time had a very unpleasant story. After the fairy tale, to assimilate the content, answer the questions, color the coloring and watch a movie based on the fairy tale.

The text of the tale of wasted time by Eugene Schwartz

Once upon a time there was a boy named Petya Zubov. He studied in the third grade of the fourteenth school and all the time lagged behind, both in Russian writing, and in arithmetic, and even in singing.

- I'll be in time! - he said at the end of the first quarter. - In the second I will catch up with you all.

And the second came - he hoped for the third. So he was late and lagged behind, lagged and late and did not grieve. I will be in time and I will be in time.

And then one day Petya Zubov came to school, as always, late. I ran into the locker room. He slapped the briefcase on the fence and shouted:

- Aunt Natasha! Take my coat!

Aunt Natasha asks from somewhere behind the hangers:

- This is me. Petya Zubov, - the boy answers.

- Why is your voice so hoarse today? - Aunt Natasha asks.

- And I'm surprised myself, - Petya answers. - Suddenly hoarse for no reason.

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