8 creative life hacks to help make your home cleaner and more comfortable

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Bath Cleansing

If you dip half a grapefruit in salt and then start cleaning the bathtub, you can achieve impressive results. The salt, thanks to the granules, will remove plaque, rust, salt and limestone deposits, and the grapefruit acid will soften them and make cleaning as effective as possible. For such cleaning, you can even use the half of the grapefruit, from which the juice has already been squeezed.

Bottle cleaning

Sometimes a glass bottle becomes quite difficult to clean after it runs out of contents. This happens most often if it contains a thick liquid, such as sauce, yogurt, or butter. And some bottles are so convenient for storing supplies that you don't want to part with them. In this case, a home-made, but high-quality and effective tool comes to the rescue - a toothbrush. It is rather narrow to crawl into the neck, and if it is modernized, it cleans perfectly. To do this, on the back of the bristle, you need to heat the brush with fire so that the plastic begins to melt, and then gently bend it so that the bristles open like a fan. Thus, the brush will perfectly clean any dirt from all sides.

Scented candles without paraffin and wax

An ordinary orange can be used to make a rather beautiful and fragrant candle. To do this, remove the pulp from the citrus half, leaving the white core in the middle. Then, putting the peel firmly, you need to pour ordinary olive or sunflower oil into it so that the orange wick rises above the surface of the liquid. After that, you can set fire to and enjoy the pleasant beauty of the fire framed by a bright candlestick, as well as the delicate aroma of citrus. To make the scent more piquant, you can dip a couple of clove sticks or sprinkle some ground cinnamon into the oil. A handmade orange candle burns for a very long time.

Budget Holder

An ordinary plastic bottle of liquid detergent or other household chemicals can turn into a useful purchase for the home. If you cut off its top and cut a small hole in the side, then it can be upgraded into a functional holder, which will cost you completely free. The former bottle needs to be fixed upside down on the wall in the bathroom, after which you can hang a hand towel on its handle, insert a hairdryer into the hole, and put a bath towel inside. It is very convenient and everything is at hand.

Helpful hint: You can glue the organizer with hot glue from a gun or double-sided tape.

Nut Shell Flowers

Nuts shells can be a great material for creating beautiful home decor. You just need to glue them together with hot glue, placing them side by side like petals, and then paint them in a suitable color. From the halves of a nutshell, beautiful lotus flowers can be obtained, imitation of succulents or other plants, the main thing is to connect your imagination and spend a little free time on creativity.

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