The ingenious Khvicha, the goalscorer Despotovich, the Pesyakov wall and the lucky Sow

Goalkeeper: Sergey Pesyakov (Rostov)

An away match against Zenit is an ordeal for any goalkeeper. The reigning champion with the recovered attacking duo Dziuba-Azmun brought down a cascade of punches on Sergei's goal, but Pesyakov stood by the wall, missing only from his own defender, plus Kuzyaev's unbearable blow at close range over the shoulder, which could not be counted because of the quick free kick when warnings (but now we are not talking about that). You can talk long and wordy about Pesyakov's miracle saves with his hands and feet after strikes at point-blank range, but instead we will present a map of Zenit's shots on target - it is quite visual, although for some reason it pushes Azmun's head attack from the middle of the goalkeeper's room to its borders ... The goal blow is the lowest one, the rest were parried with a fantastic reaction. Vitaly Kafanov can be proud of his ward.


The captain and defense leader of Khimki played an excellent match against Ufa, minimizing the attacking activity of the guests and gaining excellent statistics. During the game, Tikhiy completed 7 interceptions, 1 selection, 6 clearances, blocked 1 opponent's blow, won 15 of 19 single combats, of which 5 were riding.

The defense of the "railroad workers" managed to nullify the attack of CSKA, the third team in the league in terms of the number of goals scored. The 35-year-old veteran Chorluka played a decisive role in this, reading the game perfectly and not yielding to younger opponents in the fight, and at the same time helped in organizing the attacks. On account of his 7 won single combats out of 10, 1 selection, 8 carry-overs and 13 long-distance passes - more than anyone else in the team.

Became the main obstacle for Spartak's attacking attempts, making no distinction between Sobolev, Promes and Moses. 9 won single combats, 5 of them riding (the best indicator among all the players in the match), 2 tackles, 4 interceptions, 5 clearances. As a bonus - a key gear.


Avgustinyak scored 3 goals in the previous 49 matches for Ural. Against Krasnodar, he shot immediately with a double, which allowed his team to take an important point from the banks of the Kuban. He became the second on the field in the number of shots on goal (4) after Pavel Pogrebnyak and the best in shots on target (3). In the key segment of the match, he won the fight for the center of the field against Olsson and Gazinsky (3 tackles, 6 interceptions).

The 35-year-old Ecuadorian is still one of the most effective players in our championship. In the match against Arsenal Tula, both of his key passes were assists. At the same time, Noboa became the best on the field in selections (4) and took a direct part in the fake goal from a free kick by Joaozinho, creating the appearance that he would hit himself.

A brilliant debut in the RPL of the 17-year-old blue and white winger. On account of Zakharyan's earned penalty (it was his pass that Angel unwittingly intercepted with his hand) and personally scored the winning goal.

Grzegorz Krychowiak (Lokomotiv)

He scored the second goal into CSKA's goal with an irresistible unexpected cannon kick from outside the penalty area into the near nine. He became the best in both teams in terms of the number of violations collected on himself (4), won 8 single combats out of 13.

Khvicha Kvaratskhelia ("Rubin")

In modern design, surface painting is often used. This is due to the variety of paint options, as well as the development of new design solutions for the combination of colors in the room. The kitchen is a place where walls are often dirty, which means they need to be cleanable, and staining is often a practical solution. More details about painting the walls in the kitchen will be described later.

Paints and their features

Paint for walls in the kitchen is on a par with wallpaper in popularity. And the fact that the layer can be washed speaks in favor of the first option for wall decoration, although now there are canvases that can also be washed. There are different types of paints, the choice should be made based on the characteristics of the operating conditions.

The following types of paints and varnishes are distinguished:

  • Water-based emulsions are safe for humans, breathe air, do not emit an unpleasant odor, it is easy to maintain the coating;
  • Alkyd ones do not crack, have a high degree of elasticity. Non-vapor permeable, flammable, have a pungent odor;
  • Acrylate, expensive type, but due to durability and high-quality result, the cost is justified. Resistant to deformation, UV-resistant, wear-resistant;
  • Silicone-based, a new product often used to paint plastered surfaces;
  • Latex-based, quick-drying, non-breathable. They can be washed, the coating is not afraid of chemicals, it is also practical for hallways;
  • Acrylic, a beautiful option, distinguished by a variety of colors, no smell, dries quickly. After drying, a protective film forms. Suitable for various materials, MDF, plastered walls, etc.

Wall color

Painting a kitchen should start by defining a color that will blend in with the overall interior. All details, furniture, accessories, floor and ceiling coverings must be considered. Selection should be carried out on the following points:

  • They decide what style will be created, they study the subtleties of creating this style;
  • It is important to choose a shade that will be comfortable for the owners, you should not focus only on fashion trends ;
  • Before purchasing a coloring agent, take a picture of the room, so it will be easier for a specialist in the store to orient by color scheme.

Paint selection

What paint to paint the walls in the kitchen in the apartment, everyone decides for himself. A good option can be found if you take into account the recommendations below:

  • If the choice has already been reduced to two similar products, then it is optimal to take a paint with a long drying time. In order for the composition to cover the entire surface, it must spread evenly along the wall;
  • There is a rating of paints, and often expensive products are in the top. But the high cost is an optional parameter for quality, but it is also better not to choose too cheap options;
  • For processing the facade, a pungent smell is not always a problem, but during interior work, the lack of smell and environmental friendliness of the product is important;
  • The assortment includes matte, semi-matt, glossy coatings. The gloss is convenient to wash, but it highlights the smallest flaws in the base, the matte option for the kitchen is not very practical;
  • The shade inside the container looks lighter than after drying on the wall.

DIY wall painting: what color to paint

Modern technologies have made it possible to create a variety of paints, thanks to tinting, you can get any shade. The main thing is to decide on the idea of ​​stylish wall decoration in the kitchen with the help of paint. They take into account not only the color preference of the owners, but the existing kitchen set, other furniture and interior items, their color range.

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