Show; MASK

Greetings! So the third show of the season took place. And it, in addition to bright numbers, provided us with another food for thought and assumptions. After all, I really want to find out as soon as possible - who is there behind these masks! And there is something to discuss. But first things first. And my name is Stanislav. You are reading the Muztalgia blog. And that means - it will be interesting!

By tradition - first about general impressions. To be honest, I liked this episode less than the previous ones. This is largely due to the not very successful songs chosen for the participants. Or - not particularly suitable for them (I will write more about this below). Out of 13 performances - only 2-3 left really strong emotions. The others passed by. They weren't bad - they were more straightforward. Filler, if you like. But this is rather the fault of the editors of the issue, and not of the contestants - there are just no complaints about them, everyone is trying. And now - about each in more detail.

White Eagle

All three songs on the project are performed by the participant in different voices. This time it was very similar to the manner of Professor Lebedinsky. Although, of course, this is not him. But in this image I consider only professional singers. My main version with Sergei Penkin seems to have sunk into oblivion. If you believe the prompts (and this season it is not always necessary to do this), then the Eagle once sang in a group. I think it's worth looking around for rock vocalists. Moreover, he is clearly no longer a young man. For example - Anatoly Alyoshin I consider a worthy candidate.


I won't mention much here. With each release, I am only getting stronger in the opinion that Aziza is hiding under this guise. This issue's hints fit her. The number is not bad, but no more.

The Pink Panther

The participant's voice is very weak. This is clearly a layman. And he even says the same thing - about sharp claws and a stern disposition. At the same time, she is probably still a very young girl. I continue to be of the opinion that this is someone from the Tiktokers. But I really liked Timur's version of Alina Zagitova. The claws may be the blades of skates. And the performance turned out to be average - the song is lousy, the number is remembered solely because of the appearance of Leo. Half and half overall.


One of the triumphs of the release. Continues to delight and surprise. After all, "Spinning" is not the easiest thing. Not in terms of vocals - but mood and presentation. And Crocodile managed to do it perfectly well! But apparently behind his mask it is still not Miguel, as I assumed last time. He mentioned that he had never changed his passport photo. This information was immediately deposited in my head - after all, after the first speech, I assumed that this was the youngest participant in the project. So apparently he is not yet 20. And now I have any specific ideas. Except that he is not a singer. This is obvious - keep an eye on the microphone in his hand.

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