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"Backlash" is the formation of a free wheeling of one of the important parts of the car. In the case of steering, this means that the steering range is greater than necessary. Thus, the driver practically loses control over the vehicle, his steering wheel reacts with a delay to turns.

More about backlash

If the steering wheel loses sensitivity, this is not always a serious damage that must be corrected immediately. Of course, it is necessary to take measures, but for this it is not necessary to rush to the specialists. It happens that some elements do not fit snugly enough, which is why gaps are formed, and they increase the range of motion.

Idling of the steering wheel and the angle of free movement become larger due to wear of key parts. Because of this, the level of safety is reduced, convenience and comfort are lost.

According to traffic rules, a certain amount of backlash is permissible - no more than 10 degrees. Under other conditions, vehicle driving is prohibited.

Every motorist should be able to determine the level of backlash in order not to miss the moment of immediate intervention. If the steering wheel and front wheels react at different times, then the car, one might say, no longer obeys the driver.

If extraneous sounds, vibrations appear during steering wheel rotation, then there are extra leaks. If the car is unstable on the road, there is a risk of getting into an accident soon.

Probable Causes

DIY repair

To solve the problem, you need to stock up on the available tools. You will also need a viewing hole.

The work algorithm will be as follows:



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How to sew a dress for the full

Do you think that only slim girls can wear a polka dot dress and this is not for you? And here you are wrong! Check out this spectacular polka dot dress, made especially for overweight women. The white curly insert attracts attention, the silhouette with reliefs smoothly hugs the figure, and 3/4 sleeves hide the fullness of the arms. Awesome dress! Sew this polka dot dress in stretch cotton poplin and be sure it will become your favorite!

The dress pattern with polka dots is modeled according to the Dress Pattern, which must be built according to your own measurements. You also need to build a one-seam sleeve pattern for the dress.

If you have extra volume on the upper arms, be sure to read: Full Arm Sleeve.

Tip: build a base pattern on millimeter paper and then reshoot on tracing paper for further modeling. This will allow the pattern to be reused many times.

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