Scabbard from the Russian cavalry saber

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Peter's Monetary Reform

Peter 1 ruled for quite a long time (1682-1725), for 43 years, so it is not surprising that he managed to do a lot.

At the beginning of the reign of Peter 1, the only coin was a silver kopeck, which was minted from silver wire.

In appearance, they resembled a watermelon seed and were very light. Russia continued to develop and after a while the silver kopeck became very inconvenient in calculations, because for settlements with other countries (when buying imported goods) it was too small and a lot of time was spent on the account of such small coins, whereas when trading within the country it was, on the contrary, too large a sum.

The introduction of new coins was required, and more than one denomination.

Yes, and there was no silver mining in the country, so the introduction of a small bargaining chip was urgently required, preferably from a more affordable metal, which was planned to be copper.

Scabbard from the Russian cavalry saber

How does an ice screw work?

The ice ax for ice fishing is a three-part tool:

  • handles ;
  • multiple cutting parts;
  • auger.

The principle of operation of an ice ax is identical to a brace. The fisherman turns the handle and the sharp parts bite into the ice.

Some fishermen install a gasoline engine on the ice ax. This tool allows you to cut ice faster with less effort. It is relevant in cases where the ice is thicker than 1 meter.

How to sharpen an ice screw?

Sharpening depends on the type of blade. Before starting the procedure, it is necessary to check whether the knives are really dull, since excessive sharpening can ruin the product. If the ice screw began to drill ice poorly, while the blades do not even cut paper, the product requires sharpening.

Straight knives

An abrasive stone or grinder can be used to sharpen straight blades of an ice screw. Sharpening is done on one side. The metal should be removed evenly, after sharpening the back side should be checked for burrs.

If the cutting part is in a running state, the first layer of metal must be removed with even straight movements, after which, using circular movements, bring the edge to the required sharpness.

Note! You can use sandpaper to straighten the cutting edge. To do this, sandpaper is located on the surface, the cutting edge is located at the desired angle and is held over the sandpaper towards itself. Movements should be slow.

Step knives

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Spinning fishing for asp requires special lures that can attract a river predator. In the summer it stays closer to the surface (it suppresses the fry with the blows of its tail), in the spring it prefers to be in the water column, so the bait and the methods of its guidance should take into account the peculiarities of the fish's behavior.

The review presents the best lures for asp, which are worth taking with you on a fishing trip. The rating includes the most popular baits, the owners of which are, in most cases, completely satisfied with their catchability.

Asp spinners

The choice of the bait depends on the specific conditions of the fishing, the time of the year, the peculiarities of the behavior of the shereper There are universal models suitable for different currents, fishing horizons, predator moods. There are also specialized lures designed for specific situations.

Asp lures are not as diverse as many freshwater predators like pike or perch. This is a specific fish that requires a special approach to fishing. Therefore, to catch it, you need special tackle and a set of spinners.

Most commonly used asp lures:

Pilker is the most popular bait. It is a narrow-bodied heavy blank 5–10 cm long, at the end of which a triple hook is rigidly soldered or suspended through a winding ring. They came to asp fishing from sheer sea fishing.

Pay attention! The most popular jigs are the original Castmasters and their clones.

Asp spinners are back loaded lures with narrow petals, the rotation angle of which is 25–35 degrees. For the Sheresper, models with weighted cores are chosen, allowing them to hunt for a predator at short and medium distances.

Sharesper fishing tackles are narrow-bodied elongated models. Due to their streamlined shape, they fly far when casting, and their curved profile allows the lure to play stably, being held in the surface horizon or in the water column.

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