SAMURA - #premium quality Japanese knives

SAMURA - #premium quality Japanese knives

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The excellent quality and long-lasting sharpness of Japanese knives is the reason for their popularity all over the world. Samura are modern Japanese knives created for the European buyer. This is Comfort and convenience of classic forms, coupled with hi-tech technologies of the Japanese industry. This is a well-thought-out ergonomic shape of the handles, thanks to which the knives become like an extension of the hand. It is a blade made of high-tech stainless Damascus with a central layer of VGold 10 or AUS8 knife steel.

Description: Archaeological finds show that the Inca empire inherited many achievements from the Predator civilization, who gave them ceramics and taught them how to create the so-called Nazca lines, visible from Earth orbit. The Incas knew the technologies of stone processing and construction, unattainable even now by any modern means. The predators taught the Incas many secrets, including the technology for making ultra-lightweight and incredibly durable ceramics from the zirconium mineral. Zirconium oxide intertwined with strands of an unknown metal was used to make armor and weapons. Decorated with beautiful ornaments, these artifacts most often left the Earth as souvenirs, along with the skulls and spines of the best warriors. The INCA line from Samura is a tribute to the ancient civilizations of the Incas and Predators, who will always be an example of courage and heroism for us. We use the most expensive and purest raw materials, snow-white zirconium dioxide, sintered at a temperature of 1800 degrees Celsius for two days, creates a fine-crystalline structure in hardness second only to diamond. The new generation of zirconium ceramics keeps sharpening for years, subject to simple operating rules. The anatomical shape of the handle with a soft-touch coating made of multi-layer polymer is an art that breaks the usual stereotypes. Unusual shape and unconventional alloy - it is these seemingly small details that create a unique working tool that will not only help you in cooking, but also reflect you as a true artist. Purpose: Set of 3 knives Manufacturer: Samura Series: INCA Article: SIN-0220W / K Blade material: Zirconia ceramic Blade hardness (HRC): 82 Handle material: Plastic

Description: SAMURA JOKER - The coolest collection of knives in the history of the Samura company. Utility knife 170 mm long, is one of the most popular knives for everyday cooking in both home and professional kitchens. Its peculiarity lies in its ease of handling. The utility knife is a multifunctional knife that can be used for various jobs in the kitchen. It is used for peeling and cutting vegetables, fruits, herbs, cheeses, sausages, meat. The largest amount of kitchen work falls on him. An indispensable element is the metal bolster: it provides the necessary hygiene at work. The blade of the knife has unsurpassed features, the blade material is AUS-8, hardness 58-59 HRC, will keep the perfect sharpness for a long time. Outwardly flawless, perfectly balanced Joker knives are created by us for you to once again prove to you that we are the best. Joy and pleasure! Purpose: Utility knife Manufacturer: Samura Series: JOKER Article: SJO-0023B / K Blade material: AUS-8 Blade hardness (HRC): 58 Number of steel layers: 1 Handle material: ABS plastic Blade length (mm): 170

Description: Purpose: Kitchen apron "black" Manufacturer: Samura Series: Small Article: SAP-02B / K DESCRIPTION Stylish apron from Samura - will decorate your kitchen, creating a great mood, and will perfectly fit into the concept of a gift to a real hostess.

Description: The contrasting silhouette of a ceramic vegetable knife with a snow-white blade and a coal-black handle instantly attracts attention. But only his dignity is not limited to his spectacular appearance. The razor-sharp cutting edge with 82 HRC Rockwell hardness quickly handles peeling fresh or cooked vegetables, hard and soft fruits. And, of course, he will instantly cut them into pieces of any size. At the same time, the weight of the knife is only 18 grams: it can be used to clean a bag of potatoes, and the hands will still not feel tired. Purpose: Frunjik Manufacturer: Samura Series: Eco Ceramic Article: SC-0011BL / A Blade material: Ceramic Blade hardness (HRC): 82 Number of layers of steel: 1 Handle material: Plastic Blade length (mm): 75 Length (mm): 167 Width (mm): 23 Thickness (mm): 15 Package size (cm): 27x5.6x2.3

Description: Purpose: Set of 5 knives Manufacturer: Samura Series: Harakiri Article: SHR-0250W / K Blade material: AUS-8 Blade hardness (HRC): 58 Number of steel layers: 1 Handle material : ABS plastic Package size (cm): 42.5x31x2 Net weight (g): 453 Gross weight (g): 659

Description: His blade has a special and very unusual design with large holes and a bifurcated point. It is this geometry that is optimal for working with any kind of cheese. The soft and pliable product does not stick at all to the thin strips of single-layer knife steel, and the fork at the end is very convenient for serving slices of cheese. The knife weighs very little and is equipped with a comfortable handle made in the form of a bamboo stalk. Purpose: Cheese knife Manufacturer: Samura Series: Bamboo Article: SBA-0022 / Y Blade material: AUS-8 Blade hardness (HRC): 58 Number of layers of steel: 1 Handle material: Steel Blade length (mm): 135 Length (mm ): 245 Width (mm): 30 Thickness (mm): 17

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