Quest scenario for March 8 for children

Do you want to make your kids a real home adventure and give presents in a cool way? In this article, we will teach you how easy it is to do it yourself. Just repeat the turn-based quest scenario for March 8th: you will succeed, even if you have never done a quest before. It will take only a little time to prepare and the simplest props that are in every home.

It is important that girls from 6 years old can go through the spring quest, the boys will not be bored either and there will be something to do. During the game, the participants will solve all the puzzles together, search for clues and play active games together. And also a creative quest - in the process, children will draw a beautiful spring poster. We recommend that you conduct the quest for one girl or a group of up to 8 people (otherwise the house will be fussy, crowded and noisy, but we still have logic tasks). It is desirable that one of the girls can read and write, or an adult can help in reading the assignments and writing down the answer.

We named this quest "Spring", because March 8 is the main holiday of spring and all girls. By the way, it would be a great idea if dad organizes the quest for mom and daughter! The most important thing is not to be afraid to get confused and prepare tasks in a good mood. And also do not forget to prepare cute presents for your loved ones in advance, because this is the main mission of the quest - to find gifts according to the prompts.

How to prepare a cool Spring home quest

This interesting quest game for children consists of six cards with tasks, and we also included experience and fun dressing up here, because girls of all ages love it so much! The essence of the quest is to enjoy solving riddles and finding gifts. The quest organizer will hide the notes with tasks in the house in such a way that the answer to each problem will indicate where the next one is hidden. And the last task will tell you where the gifts are hidden. Usually, up to a dozen tips with tasks are used in a quest, we will have 6, i.e. you need to have time to draw a poster, and spend the experiment, and arrange dressing so that the players do not get tired.

To prepare the quest, you will need:

Quest tasks for girls for March

The main task going through the entire quest will be drawing a spring poster. To do this, we will attach a small note with each new task, in which we will indicate which elements need to be drawn on the poster: the sun and sky, trees and grass, birds and a birdhouse, streams, smart girls, flowers. Then by the end of the quest we will have a ready-made spring painting!

Girls can draw each of their own drawing, or all together - a common one. Then stock up on a piece of old wallpaper or roll paper from Ikea, a Whatman paper will work too.

To draw assignments, we need to plan which clues will lie where. Be sure to write off a self-control sheet for yourself (this is very convenient so as not to get confused with the folding of cards). This is an example of caches from our game, and you can use other caches that are convenient for you, for this you need to adjust the answer of the previous task so that the necessary word can be composed.

Now let's prepare sheets with tasks and hide them in hiding places. I told the girls the plot of the spring quest orally, or you can write a note: “To find gifts, you need to complete the quest. Look for clues and solve tasks, the answer to each of them will indicate a cache where the next one is hidden. And the answer to the last task will tell you where the gifts are. In the process of completing the quest, do not forget to draw a spring picture according to notes - only then the holiday will take place, and spring will come sooner. "

quest "Fairy Tale Heroines" (hid on the chair where the cat slept)

Draw a sheet in two columns and 10 strips (more or less depending on the number of participants and their age). Write the names of famous fairy-tale heroines so that the word is divided in half by a vertical line in the center: MAL-VINA, RAPO-PURPOSE, DUI-MOVOCHKA, etc. Take the names of the heroines your players know and love. After all, we have no goal of making children feel stupid.

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