Mystical phenomena in war

Throughout its history, humanity has fought, and the participants in these wars often talked about mystical phenomena. And this applies not only to ancient wars, but also to the Second World War, and in the Afghan, and many others

Parsed the old archive

The other day I was sorting out his archive with my father, and among the papers I found a 1995 newspaper. Having looked through it, I noticed the title.

p. ... filmed with a Chinese flashlight))

A couple of real stories from my country childhood

The village where I spent every summer is located 230 km from Moscow, away from highways and cities. In principle, it can be called deaf, only 30 houses, surrounded by a forest, through which to the nearest villages about a day on foot, about 30 km. There were only 2-3 families who came only for the summer, the rest lived a real rural isolated life all year round. Once a month, a caravan came, and otherwise the residents provided for themselves. I still have the warmest memories of that time, I still remember the taste of fresh milk, potatoes baked in coals, drying mushrooms and apples, watering and weeding vegetables, soaking an ass shot with salt in a basin, and many other similar things. Well, something carried me to the wrong steppe, here are some unusual cases from this village: --- I was about 7 years old and one night I really wanted to take a piss. The toilet is at the far end of the site and on a petty need to drag along too lazy. I went out onto the porch, pouring from the steps into the thickets, admiring the starry sky and the deafening silence of the sleeping village. The eyes were cloudless and the moon was shining brightly, so that I could see the outlines of the courtyard quite clearly. lastly drawing a wide arc, I turned to the left and froze. A hefty snow-white dog, a breed such as a hound or a greyhound, peeped around the corner of the house, and motionlessly watched me. This went on for about a minute, I could not move, I was knocked through by ants from my heels to the top of my head. We stood there for a minute, after which he backed away and disappeared around the corner. I was sick of walking and checking where this strange dog had dumped and I promptly dumped back home. And only the next morning I remembered that at home in the city on our wall there was a large figurine of exactly the same greyhound and my grandmother, wiping it when cleaning, said that she was guarding our house. the very edge of the village, on the border with the forest. We were separated from the nearest residential building by a large field of potatoes and a dilapidated old house, I don't remember whose. We were hanging out away from houses because, most likely, someone brought firecrackers from the city and we were conducting tests to launch toads into space. The experiments dragged on and we did not notice how it began to get dark. friend, one of us saw something in the direction of the forest and froze with an open mouth and an outstretched hand. A cigar-shaped something gray in color, on the surface of which the setting sun and clouds were dimly reflected, slowly and silently floated through the hell forest. We stood silently for 5 minutes until this thing disappeared from view. Then there was an exchange of views, but it didn’t look like anything more or less familiar .--- The strangest story happened when I was 4 years old. I was an active toddler and often invented activities for myself, without distracting others. At that time, we lived together with my grandmother, and my parents came only for the weekend. One Friday, in the late afternoon, I could not wait for their arrival and decided to go to meet them at the turn from the highway to our village, and it was about 3 kilometers. It was eating in the fall, so I put on a warm jacket and rubber boots, preparing to storm the soaked the dirt that our road represented. it was not possible to trample all the way to the end of the village and go beyond the outskirts, when it started raining and the lowland along which the road went began to be covered with fog. then the adventure began. At first I came across a flock of geese, I was very afraid of them, so as soon as they began to hiss and flap their wings, I flew head over heels off the road and broke through the bushes to go around them in an arc. And the fog is getting thicker and the rain began to whip in earnest. I got lost on my way, went in the wrong direction and imperceptibly found myself in deep chomping mud up to my knees. With the last effort I walked 30 meters, my boot sucked in, I somehow pulled my leg out in one sock, but one hell was exhausted and got stuck completely. From the shroud of rain, terrible sounds were heard (cows bellowed and goats bleated), there was a thick fog around, I was all wet and demoralized. I just lay down and started crying with all my might. in 15 minutes someone came, pulled me out of the mud by the collar and pulled me by the hand and brought me to the porch of the nearest house. They left me there. I was wet and hungry, continued to roar at the top of my lungs and they heard me in the house. They dragged me inside, changed into dry clothes, gave me tea with honey and tincture, and I got out on a warm stove. By that time, my loss was discovered, my grandmother and her parents who had arrived raised the alarm, the whole village was in an active search mode, and pretty soon I was found alive and well in the last house. my grandfather and grandmother lived in this house, they ran a large household with a bunch of living creatures and they had a spacious backyard, naturally soaked in the rain, where I got stuck like in a swamp. The most important part of this story is that the next morning my grandfather went to drive out the beast and saw my tracks, from the road to the middle of the yard, where the lost boot was found, and from there to the house. but my footprints were the only ones, there was a smooth crust of dried earth nearby. Who found me out and brought me to their house, and whether this "someone" was - is unknown.

Thank you all for reading. You know the Chukchi yourself, uncover minus throws. In my defense, I will say that there is no fiction here, all the events are exactly what I remember. No fiction.

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