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"I want to restore half of the city" The European project supported the passion of the Moldovan architect

"I want to restore half of the city" The European project supported the passion of the Moldovan architect

In 2018, Alexandru Cibar took a specialized course, where he got a chance to learn from the Italian experience in the field of restoration.

Alexandru Cibari became a student at the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism of the Technical University of Moldova in 2007. even though 13 years old, Alexandru told us about how he was included in the project of restoring the facade of the Chisinau mayor's office. And also about how important the restoration of old buildings is, the secrets of which he learned (including from Italian architects) during a project funded by the European Union.

One of the most expensive majors

He was born into a family of architects, family friends were also architects, so an architectural career in his case seemed more than natural. The guy did not see himself in this profession. “In the 90s, no one made money from architecture or art. Can a child who understands that his parents do not earn enough by their work dream of following in their footsteps? In no case!" - confesses to Alexander.

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Medal for Syria

Coin "To a participant in the Russian military operation in Syria" is a portable or desktop medal with a diameter of 60 mm. Delivery in Moscow, Russia, abroad.

Coin "To a participant in the Russian military operation in Syria" is a portable or desktop medal with a diameter of 60 mm. Delivery in Moscow, Russia, abroad.

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Courier delivery is carried out within the Moscow Ring Road within 2-3 days after placing an order. Delivery cost - 300 rubles. (If you refuse the order, for one reason or another, delivery is paid anyway).

Alexandru Cibari became a student of the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism of the Technical University of Moldova in 2007

Hello blog readers!

Today we have a creative topic - making flowers from paper. In principle, you can make such crafts from anything. However, paper is the most affordable and easy-to-process material. You can make interesting and original crafts from it.

Moreover, it can be both simple and easy-to-make crafts, and complex compositions that will decorate the interior of any room.

And most importantly, having learned how to make such flowers, we can easily decorate a holiday or just make a gift.

Of course, such crafts cannot be compared with natural flowers, but they have many advantages of their own. Firstly, paper flowers will not wither and will stay in your interior for a long time, you do not need to care for them. In addition, when making a gift there is no need to think about pollen allergy. The pleasure from the manufacturing process is out of the question. And do not forget that such crafts are done in the family circle with the direct and even obligatory participation of children.

In this review, we will consider what interesting paper flower crafts can be made and how. But first, a few words about what you may need for work. Here I will provide the necessary list of materials and tools. For each specific craft, you may need something, but something not.

Of the materials, it is necessary to prepare, of course, paper. Moreover, the paper can be either white, if you paint yourself, or colored. Then you will need cardboard, multi-colored ribbons, wire. To color the craft, you will need paint or felt-tip pens. Basically, watercolor paint will suffice. It will be much easier to paint large and voluminous crafts with it than with felt-tip pens.

And finally, the necessary tools for the job:

  • glue;
  • stapler;
  • threads;
  • scissors;
  • scotch tape ...

Depending on the idea and design, you can also add buttons and beads to the list of materials.

Well, now you can get down to ideas directly.

DIY volumetric paper flowers - patterns templates

Making a craft begins with an idea. Someone embodies it right away, someone needs to initially draw a diagram of the future product.


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Medal "Participant of local conflicts" Syria

A novelty of our "Voenpro"! Public medal "To the participant of local conflicts" Syria of round shape made of brass. Block - rectangular, elongated, fastening - a pin clip.


Medal "Participant of local conflicts" (Syria)

By the forces of the USSR troops in both 1967 and 1970, 1973, and in the early 80s of the 20th century, military operations in Syria were transferred to a more peacekeeping track. The military pilots of the Soviet Union, with their skill and dedication, helped the people of Syria to begin peace negotiations and come to a solution that brought, albeit a temporary, but relatively peaceful life. To award participants in hostilities from the USSR Armed Forces and civilian specialists, the Public Commission on Awards and Commemorative Medals established in 2007, on May 21, the medal "Participant of Local Conflicts".

Regulations on the medal "Participant of local conflicts"

According to the Regulations, the medal "Internationalist Warrior of the USSR" can be awarded to a serviceman of various types of troops and employees of the State apparatus who took a direct part in local military conflicts on the territory of friendly states, as well as for assistance in organizing operations designed to provide assistance in resolving conflicts. They can reward both current employees and those transferred to the reserve or veterans, civilians also have the right to receive the medal "Participant of local conflicts" for their special contribution and invaluable assistance in ensuring the organization of special operations.

Description of the medal "To the participant of local conflicts"

The medal "Internationalist Warrior" (Syria) is made of brass, has a bronze tint and a circle shape with a wide shoulder. Front side of the medal “For an internationalist warrior. Veteran "is decorated with convex images of military equipment - an armored personnel carrier, a tank, a helicopter, a sprig of laurel and words located in the central part, shifted to the right" TO THE PARTICIPANT OF LOCAL CONFLICTS ".

ways to make a water seal from available tools

Glove odor trap

An ancient and well-known method. Put a glove on the neck, pierce one finger with a needle, and the hand-made water seal is ready. It is very important to securely fasten the glove to the neck, as there is a lot of pressure on it during fermentation.

The downside is that the connection is leaky, and the smell of fermentation will still be present in the room. In addition, the risk of breaking the glove is high, since it is rather difficult to firmly fix it on the wide neck.

An alternative to a glove for containers with a narrower neck is a condom.

Cork and hose odor trap

A classic design consisting of a cork and a thin hose dipped in a glass of water. A very popular design. The most important thing is to ensure the tightness of the entire system. This is how it looks:

Some manufacturers provide this design for the basic configuration of their moonshine still. The original version was offered by the manufacturers of the Wein 6 PRO apparatus, where the drain spout from the column is attached to the tank along with a discharge hose dipped into a glass of water. The tank itself at this moment acts as a fermentation tank. It looks like this:

Wadded odor trap

The most simple construction. The essence is as follows: insert cotton wool or other loose material into the neck of the container with home brew and remove it for fermentation.

The problem is that it is impossible to achieve tightness with such a water seal - over time, oxygen enters the container, which is fraught with oxidation or souring of the wash. In addition, with such a device, it is very difficult to understand when fermentation ended.

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