Macrouses (Macrourus)

Inception Start

It all started 3 days before ... The frost was getting stronger and the snow was getting more and more. And we started to worry about the presence of those who confirmed that they would be live. As it turned out, it was not in vain (. In such weather, not everyone can (s). / P>

At some point, there were thoughts even to postpone the party, but many have already arrived in Kiev, and it is not our rules to retreat). And although the location was not in the most accessible place, frost and snow did not become an obstacle for our brave traffic partners!


The interior of the house can be called eclectic (mixing styles), but the language does not turn out to be. Rather, it is a "thrash-style-limited edition"), where pictures with Soviet actors are replaced by characters from the 19th century, and small home baroque fountains and stucco moldings border on a modern built-in kitchen of a poisonous color ... Well, you get the idea) Although the guests seem to have gone)

They started to move in a few hours before 19:00, so everyone had time to talk a little, drink and eat something tasty before the distribution of the elephants.

The kind Animator met the guests on the doorstep, the Mistress of the Bar treated them to drinks, the Vice Police monitored the moral and ethical side of what was happening, the DJ played the set norms, and the Dancer was a dancer) ... she came later.


The first were 10 TOPs who knew that they had won before the event. Yes, yes, because they poured the most and took guaranteed prizes. And although they knew in advance that they had won, they still rejoiced from the bottom of their hearts (of course, who would not rejoice at the "minimum" prizes of 50 K), wished SD growth, prosperity and new large shares).

Zoom broadcast started at exactly 19:00. The number of viewers of the online broadcast at some point reached 165, with an increase in the number of viewers, the degree in the organisms of those who gathered was waiting for the drawing of 20 prizes of 50K each!

Snowy and Happy FinGalaxy Awards Party

General information about grenadier fish

Macrurus is a genus of deep sea fish, also known as longtail. It is actively used in the food industry. The frightening appearance of this fish - a large head, two rows of teeth, bulging eyes and antennae - made this fish invisible to industry and fishermen for a long time.

Today, the already known high nutritional value of grenadier, its benefits and saturation with various amino acids.

It is used in cooking, trade and as feed on animal farms.

External features of the grenade:

There are over 300 species of grenadier, the most famous of which are:

  • the little-eyed longtail is one of the largest species. It lives in the northern Pacific waters. Lives in cold water (2-4 degrees above zero). The size of the longtail depends on the habitat: the smallest individuals live in the Sea of ​​Okhotsk, the largest in the Bering Sea;
  • Antarctic - distributed along the northern coast of Greenland and the United States;
  • comb-scaly;
  • South Atlantic - lives in the southern latitudes of the Atlantic Ocean.

Macrouses are characterized by age and sex differentiation behind the localization site. Young fish live in the upper water balls until they are fully ripe (5-6 years). In the lower layers, males are concentrated closer to the bottom, and females are located higher, closer to the surface.

Young fish can be found at a depth of 300-800 meters, the oldest descend 2000-4000 down.

All types of fish are distinguished by a long body and a massive tail, the key differences between them are the different coloration of the head of the fins. The grenadier has a massive body, a wide head and a narrow tail. It feeds on small fish, shrimps, worms and crustaceans. tilapia also likes to eat it.

The maximum length of the grenadier is 210 centimeters, the weight is 25 kilograms.

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