Beloved Poland! New for men - Dstreet

Annual independent rating of the best beauty products in all categories.

Important! In 2020, we used both new products and long-loved products. But in the annual Best we include only products that have appeared on the Russian market recently and have not participated in the Best-2019 selections and earlier.

Leave-in conditioners

Waterfall Moisturizing Shine Lotion, R + Co

An excellent cream that does not weigh down the hair at all, but with it it smoothes faster and better when styling with a hairdryer and a brush. And then this styling lasts at least two days.

Price: 2680 rub. at Authentica. ove.

Nutritional Mousse Leave-In Hair Mousse, Shizen

Leave-in conditioner in foam format. Does not stick together, does not weigh down, the hair after it is amazingly smooth, downright flowing. And indeed they seem denser and thicker.

Light Conditioning Mousse Milk Protein Hair Mousse, Pink Bubbles, Mone Professional

Another favorite mousse conditioner. Works great. A couple of times I even took him to the pool with me to save my hair after chlorinated water. Did an excellent job! I would always wear it for training, but the bottle is too heavy - 300 ml.

Price: 930 rub. (300 ml) on the official website.

Centerpiece All-In-One Hair Elixir, R + Co

Best leave-in hair care & styling - 2020

Beloved Poland! New for men - Dstreet Bright! Stylish! Pre-order

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Dstreet is fashionable clothes for active people who value comfort, quality and style. Most of the goods are produced in Europe. Dstreet relies on affordable prices, while guaranteeing good quality clothing. Dstreet follows the latest fashion trends and provides the latest collections that match the current trends in the fashion world.

Waiting for an invoice may take 15-25 days, depending on the workload and working hours of the factory (public holidays and non-working days in Poland differ from ours and for this reason it is not always possible to predict the timing and there may be delays in receiving an invoice and cargo). Delivery is about 20-30 days (delays at customs are possible and for this reason the waiting times for the goods are slightly increased). After the orders are fixed (after STOP), the application goes to Poland. It will no longer be possible to refuse and change the size. The price depends on the exchange rate of zloty and may vary slightly within 1-3 EURO, i.e. about 5-10% (this does not happen often). Important! Customs have tightened control, so delivery times may be longer for reasons beyond our control.

Dstreet are different, mainly European manufacturers. There is no single dimensional grid. But each product on the manufacturer's website has measurements of the finished product. There are also more photos for each item and a detailed description of the item. You can see for yourself on the website Or send me an article and I will find you measurements of the position you have chosen.

Description: 65% cotton, 35% PE. Detailed description and more photos on the manufacturer's website:

Description: 65% cotton, 35% PE. Detailed description and more photos on the manufacturer's website:

Description: 65% cotton, 35% PE. Detailed description and more photos on the manufacturer's website:

Description: 60% cotton, 40% PE. Detailed description and more photos on the manufacturer's website:

MiniDino They have already conquered thousands of mothers Stylish collection of clothes for children (-) Getting ready for spring!

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What is MiniDino is a clothing brand that makes you fall in love from the first purchase. Unusual and modern design that attracts the attention of others, unsurpassed quality and endless comfort, with the obligatory preservation of functionality and practicality. In the catalogs you will find clothes for any season, from hats and outerwear to socks. And mommies will also be able to please themselves with stylish models.

The supplier's warehouse is very mobile, write more replacements for colors and models. It is possible to wait for shipment more than 7 days.

Membrane fabric is a modern synthetic high-tech material with unique characteristics. The membrane fabric repels external water. Clothes made from such fabrics protect well from rain, high humidity, wind and snow. Membrane fabrics are not blown through, but they are breathable. High-tech fabric wicks moisture well from the surface of the body, it does not accumulate under clothes. Membrane (breathable 5000g / sq. / 24h, waterproof 5000 mm) r> Taslan is an innovative synthetic fabric, on which a special coating is applied, which has a "breathable" structure. Made from polyamide fibers (nylon), it is durable and lightweight at the same time. This fabric forms its high protective characteristics thanks to a special polymer layer, which is applied to it from the inside. The porous structure of this polymer does not allow cold air and water to pass from the outside, however, it ensures the removal of air and water vapor to the outside, and also prevents the absorption of skin secretions. Dewspo synthetic fabric has become popular due to its unique properties and specific impregnation. Universal plain weaving of polyamide threads, plus processing, depending on the functionality of the fabric, is able to give it completely different properties. Such fabric can be waterproof, windproof, water-repellent, or breathable. Speaking about the advantages of outerwear made of Duspo fabric, it can be noted that it breathes, does not let the wind through and retains body heat. Such things are said to be thermal protective. The temperature range at which such jackets can be worn is from +5 to -15 degrees.

Insulation "Alaska" is a non-woven material. It consists of hollow polyester fibers that are twisted in spirals and randomly intertwined with each other. All this is thermally bonded with a low-melting biocomponent fiber. This structure gives the material exceptional thermal insulation properties, while the "greenhouse effect" does not occur. The heat-insulating properties of the material are close to natural fluff, but it is easily washed, does not absorb odors and moisture. The density of the insulation can be: 125 g / sq. ... used in clothes designed for a temperature of +5 - + 10C; 175 g / sq. - can be used at temperatures from +5 to -10C; 230 g / sq. - used at -5 - -25C; 325 g / sq. - with this filler, clothes can withstand frost up to 35 degrees below zero. ... Show

Description: Vest with oversize stand. Ideal for creating a casual style. The color palette can be easily combined with any look and will allow you to be the most stylish even in bad weather. Ideal for sport hoodies and pants. - fog color - top: Dewspo with moisture and wind impregnation, 100% polyester - insulation: Premium Canvas 150g, 100% PE - lining: Poly Pongee, 100% polyester - high stand-up collar - button fastening - elongated belt <

Description: It was this legendary jacket that became the name of the Minidino brand, because it all started with it. And to this day, Dino's jacket is the flagship and pride of the company. During the existence of the model, we have significantly improved the characteristics of the product. Today, the top of the jacket is made of high-tech 3k / 3k jacket membrane fabric, we have verified the ideal amount of insulation for a demi-season product, and the soft fleece lining serves as an ideal complement for cold weather. Every din worshiper should have a Minidino demi jacket! - lavender color, lining color gray - top: DOBBY MEMBRANE 3c / 3c jacket fabric, 100% polyester - insulation: Premium Canvas 150g, 100% PE - lining: fleece 180g, 100% PE - high stand-up collar - reflective elements - adjustable cuff sleeve length - extended back-tail - internal wind protection of the lock - temperature range from + 10C to -5C (-7C without wind)

Description: This season, we have taken into account your wishes and added more reflective elements. And, of course, they are accompanied by the proprietary minidino quality, thought out to the smallest detail design, comfortable cut, cool colors and enthusiastic looks of the environment - dinosaur print, lining color gray - top: PREKSON GRACE jacket fabric, WR finish, MEMBRANE 6k / 6k, 100% polyester - insulation: Premium Canvas 100g, 100% PE - lining: 130 g fleece + Twill lining, 100% polyester - hood straps - reflective elements - silicone straps - zip fastening pockets - waist strap - wind protection bar - temperature setting from + 5C to -7C (-10C without wind)

Description: Attention! A comfortable hoodie for every day. Ideal for sport pants - color Blue - 3-strand fleece footer: 80% cotton, 20% polyester - patch pocket on the front - deep hood - loose silhouette - elongated cuff on the sleeve *** Feature of the fleece footer - peeling of the wrong side of the garment and leaving lint on the body and clothing upon first use, which is normal for this type of fabric. Compulsory rinsing is recommended before use. Complete washing out of lint and fabric dust - up to 3-4 washes