List of fines in the LPR for violation of traffic rules

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LS LS 160 7x16 / 6x139

The self-proclaimed LPR provides for a number of fines for traffic violations. This was reported by the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the self-proclaimed LPR.

The full list of penalties can be found in the following table:

article of the Administrative Code

type of violation


All technical faults, re-equipment T. without permission

Technical malfunctions of buses

Untimely passing of technical control

Repeated offense under clauses 1-3 within a year

Temporary seizure of a driver's license for a period of 3 to 6 months, administrative arrest for a period of 5 to 10 days, seizure of T.

Even with a well-heating stove, in winter the interior surfaces, including the steering wheel, warm up for a longer time than the air. The first 30 minutes of driving with a cold wheel is very uncomfortable and even dangerous. When hands are in warm gloves or mittens, the grip of the steering wheel is less reliable, and it is also inconvenient to press the buttons on the instrument panel. It is much more convenient if the steering wheel rim heats up to a comfortable temperature in a few minutes during the cold season.

To make a steering wheel heating with your own hands, you need to remove the braid, install a heating element on the steering wheel rim and supply electrical power to it, which is the most difficult task.

It should be said right away that it is impossible to write a single detailed instruction for installing and connecting the steering wheel heating. Each car has its own characteristics and difficulties in connection. This article explains the main points of the do-it-yourself steering wheel heating installation process, and also discusses the solutions offered by manufacturers of steering wheel heating installation kits.

Disassembling and removing the steering wheel

To install the steering wheel heating with your own hands, the steering wheel must be disassembled and removed. We will consider installing a heated steering wheel on vehicles with an airbag on the steering wheel. In such cars, electrical devices on the steering wheel (airbag, signal, control buttons) are connected to the electrics of the car through a special spiral or U-shaped cable (clock spring) / steering column cable / "snail", which allows the steering wheel to rotate and do not break the electrical connection with it. We will consider in more detail the topic of connecting heating elements in this article below.

So, to disassemble and remove the steering wheel, you need to turn off the ignition and disconnect the negative terminal of the battery. Next, you need to wait 5 minutes after removing the terminal so that the charge completely disappears from the SRS system.

Put the wheels straight. Disassemble the steering wheel. Make marks on the splines of the shaft and on the handlebars so that you can set the handlebars back to the same position in the future. To remove, do not unscrew the steering wheel fastening nut completely and pull the steering wheel towards you. So the steering wheel is free and rests against the nut, after which it can be safely removed by unscrewing the nut to the end.

Installation of heating elements involves removing the steering wheel braid and reinstalling it, or replacing the braid with a new one. If there is no braid on the handlebars, then a new braid will also need to be installed. Before installing the heating elements, it is necessary to take into account the location of the butt seams of the braiding segments and cut out recesses in the steering wheel for them in advance.

You can try to unravel the old braid thread for reuse, or you need to buy a new thread of a similar size.

The steering wheel angle sensor can be located on the stalk of the stalk ("snail"). It is better to fix it with tape or tape so that it does not accidentally get lost. Or you will need to set it on the labels before turning on the voltage, otherwise an error will occur in the system.

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