Beautiful funny congratulations "on carnival" (98 ideas)

A lot of clothing is not always good. It doesn't hurt to be able to combine things with each other!

"Fashionable Sentence" / Channel One

Julia has a really big wardrobe. But it consists of cheap and tasteless things from the market that spoil a young woman and prevent her from establishing her personal life. No man pays attention to her. And the heroine's friend is sure that synthetic blouses, frank mini and lurid dresses are to blame, which it is time to replace with more elegant outfits. The stylists of the program have already prepared actual images for Julia. And our expert is ready to evaluate her transformation.

Before image

This look is perfect for spring 2021, because it combines two popular shades, according to the Pantone Institute, - yellow and gray. The color of the coat refreshes Julia's face and dilutes the business mix of a white shirt and plaid trousers. I would only replace wide pants with straight ones, let my hair down and give the heroine a backpack or stylish tote.

Before image

A pink jumper with a navy blue leather skirt looks terrible. All that is missing is the fleece styling and blue eyeshadows. This combination was popular in the 80s of the last century. And now this tandem looks ridiculous, cheap and old-fashioned. It is better to replace the skirt with leather joggers, and a thin belt with a corset version. Instead of light-colored boots, go with high chelsea to match the pants.

Before image

The third image is very similar to the previous one. Only instead of a sweater there is a plaid coat, and instead of a skirt - a turquoise dress. Modern women of fashion wear a similar top in a slightly different way. To make this set more relevant, you need to remove a short dress and boots from it. In their place are knee-length shorts, midi and maxi dresses and skirts, as well as palazzo pants and jockey boots.

After image

For the first outfit, the stylists chose a lilac jumpsuit, which was successfully combined with the heroine's copper strands and turquoise-purple pumps. From above, they put a black leather jacket on the woman, which calmed the juicy shade of the outfit, and added a belt to the waist, which favorably emphasized the curves of Julia's silhouette.

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Shrovetide congratulations in prose are beautiful

To say a beautiful toast at the table and congratulate everyone on the sincere holiday of Maslenitsa, we recommend that you write down beautiful congratulations on Maslenitsa-2019 in prose. Take note of this.

*** Congratulations on Maslenitsa. I wish that not a single pancake in life was lumpy, so that winter would complete its triumph and let a blooming and tender spring into my heart. I wish you to live rolling cheese in butter, I wish you good friends and true happiness.

*** Congratulations on Shrovetide! Let the past winter take with it everything that could make you cry and worry, and let spring bring light, goodness and good luck to your everyday life with a wild color and warm wind!

Shrovetide is a bright and warm holiday, the power of which can work wonders! May on this day all sorrows, all adversities leave your home forever, I wish your life to be as warm, as sweet as today's pancakes!

*** Congratulations on Shrovetide! Congratulations on the spring, on the bright sun, clear sky, on festivities and fun! May spring bloom and smell in your soul these days and all year long! May the world around you be kind and sunny, may you make new friends, and may the old ones become even closer and dearer! Love and understanding to you, happy holidays and successful everyday life, beauty and warmth in relationships, the joy of being and tables bursting with food!

*** Congratulations on Shrovetide, on the wonderful holidays of pancakes and loud fun, with a goodbye and the departure of the winter sorceress. I wish that there was as much joy and prosperity in life as there are delicious pancakes baked all together on this holiday, I wish that any your sorrow melts like butter, that your heart leaves everything bad in winter snowdrifts and rushes to spring happiness.

Cool congratulations in verses with Shrovetide - for friends, family and colleagues

Shrovetide poems don't have to be touching or cute. Such a cheerful holiday should be met with funny and cool congratulations. Our next selection will help readers choose unusual wishes for family and friends. Cool congratulations on Maslenitsa will certainly cheer up your recipient.

Cool congratulations with verses for the Maslenitsa holiday