Kids hair clips

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    Hairpins for girls

    Girls' unruly soft hair is difficult to always keep in order. All kinds of children's hairpins come to the aid of mothers: they not only help to "subdue" curls and strands, but also become the most beautiful design of the image of a little princess.

    Many hairpins are sold in the Alolika company so that you can form your assortment to offer to the end consumer.

    How to choose?

    When buying children's hair clips in bulk, select a variety of models. After all, your client will be looking for products that suit him:

    • by color (for clothes or other children's accessories);
    • by size (some hairstyles need small decorations, others - large);
    • by material (someone wants textile hair clips, and someone prefers plastic);
    • by style (bows and flowers are always popular, but in our catalog you can find others).

    And, of course, do not forget about the safety of each product: after all, your products will be worn by children. By purchasing goods in Alolika, you get guaranteed quality from the manufacturer. Our hairpins are easy to use, they are lightweight, but they hold the curls tightly without causing discomfort to the child.

    How to buy?

    If you are an organizer of joint purchases or a distributor of goods for children, cooperation with our company will allow you to build a successful business. As a manufacturer, we sell exclusively in bulk. The minimum order amount is 10 thousand rubles. Your benefits will be:

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