Kerіvnіstvo do dії for lovers of raspberries: how to correctly put a raspberry on a dіlyantsі

Raspberry - the lady is dusky. Moreover, the city needs a special location. In a word, raspberries do not allow small landings: you just have to spread rot on all the growing trees, as they settle down. In a different way, їy powerfully grows out and grab new territories. And thirdly, in order to reject a good crop of gardeners, it will be possible for a non-abyant to try, having taken care of the culture with everything necessary for ryas fruiting. Yak tse zrobiti - see in our current material.

Special features of the tabs of raspberries

Well, start the raspberry tree with the choice of a suitable variety. It is important and quick to see new varieties, choose repairing sorts, or to see raspberry trees, if the smell of building is to be seen in the climatic zone, in which the gardener lives. If you follow the rules, you will need to fix the raspberry tree from the location. І nevertheless, because the raspberry tree is great or small, the rules of varto keruvatis are alone.

Raspberry trees are in the bagatyokh with us - the whole lot is not a plantation. In reality, if you want a raspberry plant, you can plant it for ten bushes, for thirty, or for a hundred. By the day, by the term, the term means mice, the growth of raspberries. Not more or less. The process of bookmarking a location for growing culture - on the right is even more promising, so the raspberry tree will be used for the selected by you from seven to twelve rockets (in the fallowness due to the vitality of varieties, which you buy for planting). And those, as there will be a harvest and immunity of cultural growth, lay down, in a larger world, because of that, as well as competently, you can prepare a quick start for planting raspberries. If it is competently, then in the future there is a yagid chagarnik, shvidshe for everything, you will not bring you any turbots, but deprive you of the savory berries. And if you admit a lot of pardons, then you will not be able to compensate for the landing. Sorry, this is the reality.

If you plant raspberries

Terms of planting berry chagarnik are not constant. To that, in the presence of yours, you are likened and obvious to you at a great hour, and you can plan a plan for the spring, I wish for the autumn period. For raspberries, there is absolutely no difference.

  • Since you have vibrated the spring period, you will need to finish the moment, if there will be no more frosty frosts. It is also important to finish checking, the soil is well warmed up. However, when tsom, it is important to stitch after the sajants, they did not destroy the stench in the garden. In the ideal, the raspberry tree needs to be laid in order for the earth to warm up, or before that, as in the dews, there is an active ruh to the juice. If you will be given such a rank in every hour, you will hang raspberries until the cob is actively growing, and this will be the best option for growing. Fruiting chagarnik is almost three-and-a-half quick, but if you start to be healthy, and the adaptation period will pass without problems that quicker.
  • As soon as you vibrated the most important period, then they were to blame for the memory of those, the term of planting raspberries in the middle of a smoothie in the midst of an encirclement. The third decade of the first autumn month is the most early term for planting. And the most recent is the middle of the zhovtnya. Piznishe visadzhuvati yagidny chagarnik is not unbeatable. If you lay a raspberry tree in a clear-sounding term, it is necessary to keep track of the forecast for the weather forecast. As soon as the prognosis of the axis-axis occurs, the first frost will come, the raspberry planting will be brought in for a longer period of time. Tobto for the spring. It is important to lay a raspberry, yak minimum, a month before frost.

Tsikavo, scho, it’s true from statistics, in the first regions raspberries are most often seen in autumn, and the axis in the middle smoothie is hanging. I would like, in general, and that, and the first time the bookmarks are relevant both for the new parts of Ukraine, and for all of them, whether it’s come, go or pivnich. It is necessary to know, through those, that the weather is constantly changing, and the seasons are coming into the market more and more, it is competent to make a bookmark to go out not at all and do not expect. Ale, when laying a raspberry tree, you will follow the basic agrotechnical rules, you will see everything, do not hesitate to navigate.

Yak to start with a misce

First for everything, let's go over the location, as it is categorically not to go for the raspberry tree. Be-like a descent, or the descent is not suitable for the general public. If you plant raspberries in a hole, if water is bought up, then the roselin is simply vimokne. As soon as you vibrate for the raspberry tree, I will locate on the top of the hill, de the ground will develop more quickly, the process of young cultures will not pass. For raspberries it is necessary to have a dilyanka or a location with a minimum ear (key in this vypadku - value "z minimum").

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