Homemade pike food

The design allows you to catch pike with this tackle all year round - in summer, spring, autumn and even winter. We will analyze what is the difference between a supply for ice fishing and a design for open water.

How it works

The history of the delivery began with the use of gutters. These designs are very similar, but have several important differences. Zherlitsa shows a bite by raising a red flag. The delivery does not signal the catch in any way. The fish is spotted by itself, and the fisherman should know a few subtleties in order to determine the bite in time and get the catch. The delivery is so easy to manufacture that a dozen or even more pieces can be made in a few hours. In this case, a minimum of effort and money will be spent.

The delivery works only with live bait. It can be caught in the river, or bought in advance in a specialty store. Then the post is unwound, the bait is put on the tee and lowered into the reservoir. The tackle is fixed using an ordinary stick or other similar object. The set is suitable for both winter and summer pike fishing.

Ice Fishing Supply

It is very easy to make a pike supply with your own hands. To do this, you need a piece of stick or tube, a piece of hose, fishing line and a hook with a sinker. The whole creation process looks like this:

  • A hole is punched from one end of the hose through which the line is passed. It is tied with a ring and firmly attached.
  • A previously prepared piece of stick or pipe is inserted into the hose. It should be 20-30 centimeters long. It is advisable that the hose fits tightly on the stick, this will allow you to securely fix the end of the line.
  • After fixing the hose, a fishing line is wound around it.
  • A sinker and a hook are rigidly attached to the line. The delivery is ready.

You can make such a tackle literally in half an hour from scrap materials, special requirements for they don't. The only thing, it is advisable to attach the hook to the main line through a leash - tying a new hook in the cold is an unpleasant activity.

In fact, winter supplies are universal, apart from pike fishing, it can be used for carp, carp or bream. It is enough to feed the place and install the supply.

Fishing with a supply

Fishing for pike has several features and stages, including:

  • Correct location. First of all, the fisherman must make sure that pike is found in the place of his choice.
  • Preparing fish for live bait. This can be perch, ruff, roach and other simple fish.
  • The depth of installation of the supply should vary from one to three meters. For fishing in reed beds, half the depth is also suitable.
  • For greater fishing productivity, it is better to install several sets at a short distance from one another. The optimum distance reaches fifteen meters. When placing several tackles at a distance, regularly check all of them for bites and catch.
  • You can determine the bite by the shape of the line. If it is stretched and located exactly horizontally, then there is no catch. If it is deformed, curved or vertical, it means that the predator is already on the hook.

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