Gemstone Magic: Diamond

In ancient times, this unique stone was credited with unprecedented power.

In the Arab countries, the mineral with exceptional strength and resistance to destruction was called "almas". This word is translated as "hardest", which perfectly characterizes the precious crystal. He also had one more name. The Greeks called the diamond "adamant". This word has taken root in the language to this day. It translates as "indestructible" or "irresistible."

Magic Properties

A diamond is truly an extraordinary stone. It was believed that even the smallest scattering drives away evil spirits from the owner and his dwelling. People believed that jewelry decorated with diamonds heals various ailments and protects a person from all kinds of troubles. Such a talisman was a real treasure for the ancient tribes. But the value was not in the high cost, but in the protection. It was believed that this particular stone would bring good luck in battle and hunting. The more transparent the talisman turned out to be, the more the members of the tribe revered it. The Arabs believed that in the event of a collision, the victory would be won by the side with the larger diamond in the bins.

The people of Iran and India still sew tiny pieces of this precious stone into their babies' clothes. According to an ancient belief, this mineral protects from the evil eye and unkind people. When a child was born in the family, on the day of choosing his name, the father sprinkles the baby's head with a pinch of diamond dust. This is how men endow their heirs with good health and well-being.

This mineral in ancient times was shrouded in a large number of legends and various myths. But they all attribute to the stone an exceptionally positive effect on a person and his fate. Ancient writings from the 16th century say that the diamond endows its owner with courage and unprecedented fortitude. And also such a talisman was worn on the body to avoid fractures and serious injuries. It was advised to wear jewelry with diamond on the left side, so that the product is as close to the heart as possible. Every warrior going to battle for a just cause certainly took this precious stone with him. People believed that the diamond in every possible way contributes to the victory over enemies.

And these are not all the magical properties that were attributed to the mineral. The spouses healed small pieces of stones in the clothes of their husbands, as they believed in the ability of the amulet to protect against drunkenness and revelry. Rumor has it that the diamond improves eyesight and hearing, creates a protective barrier against witchcraft and other dark forces. Any magical damage directed at the owner of such a talisman will return back, and all the troubles intended for the victim will fall on the sorcerer himself.

Hunters often took a bag of diamond dust on the road, as they believed that no predator would dare to pounce on the owner of such a talisman. Ancient healers with the help of this gem helped people suffering from sleepwalking, and the parents believed that the mineral could make their grown children more serious and determined.

But the internal energy of a diamond is highly dependent on the behavior of the owner himself. If a person is unrestrained in desires, indulges in gluttony and prefers to live in sin, the stone irrevocably loses its magical properties. Each crystal of this mineral must be obtained without violence. Otherwise, it will bring only misfortune to the owner. The stolen shard even threatened the swindler with an early death.

Distinctive features of a diamond

The most energetically powerful stones are those received as a gift or inherited from ancestors. If the owner of the diamond has a strong and strong-willed character, it means that the talisman will only enhance all its positive qualities, and will also ensure prosperity and success in any business. The unique hardness of this mineral often became the reason for the emergence of legends, in which its owner received as a gift from the amulet an unprecedented determination, self-confidence and firmness of character.

Since ancient times, diamonds have been traditionally inserted only into items made of precious metals: platinum or gold. But today you can even find silver jewelry with these amazingly iridescent stones on the shelves of jewelry stores. Diamonds with any defects inside are considered unlucky. Therefore, all noble ladies preferred to decorate their outfits with precious crystals of exceptional purity.

Gemstone Magic: Diamond

Many men, starting their professional life, have no idea about style. The first step in becoming future leaders is stylish clothing that helps the young person influence other people. Either way, clothes that are ironed, clean and well-fitting wherever you are encourages others to take you more seriously.

Tips for men to take a different look at their wardrobe.

Advice Take care of your clothes

This means: using a good hanger for your clothes, shoe spacers and delicate washing with a washing machine.

A great way to dress well and inexpensively is to purchase items from a sales store.

And a budget suit from the store can turn into a worthy piece of your wardrobe, just take care of it with proper care and maintenance.

Tip Dress to look older

Want to know how to dress stylishly, look at older people.

Follow the trend of aging and get the respect you deserve from your peers and bosses.

You need to tidy up your wardrobe and get rid of most of your everyday clothes: T-shirts, pants, denim shorts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, baseball caps.

Tip Ignore Fashion Trends

Recent fashion trends are changing too quickly for us to adopt useful wardrobe ideas from them. Stay away from pants that are only presentable during the current fashion season to buy new pants every month

Not all designer things in the future you will be able to presentably express and combine in your wardrobe.

Many men try to look like gentlemen. It means fashionable, stylish. However, old models of clothes are not suitable now and may even look comical. Therefore, you need to follow the latest trends and advice from fashion designers on how to dress a gentleman.

How to Dress for a Gentleman - Choice of Clothes

The main elements of the wardrobe are: classic style, tie, men's shirt, shoes. Some additional accessories (cufflinks, watches, glasses) are also important.

It is important to choose a suit of high quality cut, without luxury, better - in a classic style. For a daily option, a strict, elegant jacket with a jacket length - up to the middle of the thumb on the hand is suitable.

The suit (see) should fit well, not restrict movement. You can not wear flashy things, preference is given to monochromatic brown and black colors. Shirts should also be without patterns and ornaments, neon shirts are excluded. The simpler, the more elegant.

Pants should be straight. In baggy, the man looks untidy, in narrow and short ones - old-fashioned. The trousers are girdled with a belt. However, even gentlemen do not always go dressed only "with a needle". Simple T-shirts, jeans, sneakers are suitable for everyday wear. The main condition is that the clothes must be clean and ironed.

Bernhard Retzel is a menswear expert and knows exactly how to dress a gentleman. He advises against mixing styles. For example, wear a classic suit with sneakers, experiment with bright shirts and prints. If a man seeks to dress like a gentleman, such experiments are not appropriate. In cold weather, it is preferable to wear a classic short coat with a strict cut.

Gentlemen are offered "triplets" consisting of straight dark trousers, a light plain shirt and a black, gray waistcoat. In this case, the jacket is selected to match the trousers. A gentleman should choose clothes only from natural fabrics. It can be cashmere, silk, linen, wool, cotton. Professionals sew menswear from British or Italian fabrics.


Classic brown or black shoes, without embellishments, are suitable for everyday wear. However, for an evening out, other options are recommended - it is possible with a small, almost imperceptible pattern. What to give preference to:

  • Oxfords. Strict, elegant, with closed lacing. V-vamp covers most of the body. Classic Oxfords - suede, patent leather, material combinations.
  • Brogues. This is a kind of Oxfords - with perforations on the toes or along the seams, forming patterns. Brogues have open or closed lacing. These shoes are less formal than oxfords.
  • Derby - with open lacing. Suitable for people with high leg lifts. Loose clothes are also worn with them.
  • Boots. More suitable for bad weather, but can be worn in other weather as well. They can be worn with any clothing.
  • Monkey. Shoes with missing laces, which were replaced by 1-2 buckles. Pairs well with costumes.
  • Loafers - without lacing, with a heel, buckle replaced by a semicircular seam.
  • Topsiders - without heels, with ribbed elastic. Loose trousers are combined with them.

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