Frying pans Royal Kuchen: a review of a new set of cookware from the "Magnet" network

Every year, manufacturers of cookware and appliances try to surprise their customers. But when it comes to price, it turns out that a set of good dishes is expensive and buying it is a complete frustration. Cookware from Royal Küchen is premium quality at affordable prices. The entire collection of the brand can be purchased for 3145 rubles (+ promotional stickers from the Magnit network)

Since May, there is a promotion in the “Magnit” chain of stores, thanks to which you can become the proud owner of pans from the Royal Küchen brand. It is enough to make a purchase in the Magnit or Magnit Pharmacy store and get one sticker for every 250 rubles spent, and in Magnit hypermarkets and Magnit Cosmetic stores - a double sticker for every 500 rubles in the check. After collecting the required number of stickers, you will receive the dishes of your dreams - His Majesty in your kitchen from the Royal Küchen brand with up to 80% discount.

The composition of the Royal Küchen cookware set

  • Deep pan with lid. Available in two variations (depending on the diameter): 24 and 28 cm. The set also includes a removable handle made of Bakelite.
  • Grill pan with a diameter of 28 cm will delight lovers of vegetables and meat. You can prepare restaurant meals in your kitchen at no extra cost.
  • 1.2 L ladle (lid included).
  • Special pan for making pancakes with a diameter of 24 cm. Your pancakes will always be rosy, thin and golden.

Material, design, technology of Royal Küchen cookware

Frying pans from the Royal Küchen brand are a real work of art. They are distinguished by their original design, are practical to use, there are no contraindications to washing in a dishwasher. Thanks to the latest processing techniques for pans, they are not subject to deformations will delight the hostess for a very long time with their external and functional qualities. You can cook with this cookware on any hob. Also, each pan has a removable bakelite handle and lid (excluding crepe makers and grill pans).

What material is Royal Kuchen cookware made of

Each unit included in the limited collection of the Royal Küchen brand for the Magnit store chain has the following characteristics:

  • Five-layer non-stick coating. With its help, the use of oil in the cooking process is minimized.
  • The presence of a steel bottom, which is of the highest strength, the dishes will not deform during use, and will also warm up well and evenly. Food prepared with these dishes will always be juicy.
  • The dishes can be washed in the dishwasher.

If you do not know what to give, then you should take a closer look at the dishes from Royal Küchen. Frying pans will be an excellent helper in any kitchen and for any housewife.

How much does Royal Küchen cookware cost?

It is very easy to buy dishes at a bargain price: you will receive one sticker for every 250 rubles spent in the Magnit Nearby and Magnit Pharmacy stores. In hypermarkets "Magnit" and in stores "Magnet Cosmetic" double stickers are issued - one piece for every 500 rubles in a check.

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