Folk omens for March 1, 2021: what can and cannot be done on this day

On the first day of spring, the New Year was celebrated in medieval Russia. Until the 19th century, our ancestors retained the tradition of not working on March 1. Until 1348, March 1 is the official date of the New Year in Russia.

On Monday, March 1, 2021, the memory of the righteous Mariamne, who lived in the 1st century and was the sister of the Apostle Philip, is honored. Mariamne took a vow of virginity, together with her brother and the Apostle Bartholomew, she preached the Gospel in Mizia and Lydia (northwestern regions of Asia Minor). Their preaching was especially successful in the city of Hierapolis: here the service to idols ceased and Echidna, worshiped by the inhabitants, was expelled from the sanctuary. Upon learning of this, the city governor, who was a pagan, demanded that the confessors be seized and imprisoned. The Apostle Philip was soon put to death. Immediately after his execution, the priests of Echidna and the mayor of Hierapolis were overtaken by God's punishment - they were swallowed up by the earth.

The residents of the city, who witnessed this miracle, released Bartholomew and Mariamne. The saint preached the Word of God for many years and died peacefully at an advanced age.

Kikimorin Day, Maremyana Kikimora - March

How the righteous Mariamne in the folklore turned into Maremyana-kikimora is difficult to say.

Our ancestors represented the kikimora in different ways:

  • the mistress of the hut;
  • the wife of a brownie or a goblin;
  • an ugly old woman of small stature;
  • a girl with a white face, black eyes and long black hair.

In one of the Vologda villages, they said that the kikimora was so small and dry that it was afraid to go outside so that it would not be blown away by the wind.

Kikimora lives not only in the house, but also in the bathhouse, in the chicken coop, in the threshing floor, likes to settle in empty buildings, and happily settles in taverns. She can harm the inhabitants of the house on trifles, and sometimes warns of impending disaster - she cries or leaves the underground.

Children of the kikimora (shulykans) are born on Christmastide. Newborns fly into the chimney into the street, where they are before Epiphany. They do not cause serious trouble for people, they often live in abandoned houses.

"Kikimora one-eyed" in the old days was called a stone with a hole (chicken god). He was hung in the chicken coop to protect the birds from the kikimora.

Folk omens for March 1, 2021: what can and cannot be done on this day

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Reliably protect from vampires, creatures that suck energy, onions and garlic. They absorb energy released during an argument or envy released when an enemy visits your home.

White tablecloth embroidered in national motives, where the predominant color is red, preserves peace and love in the family.

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