Excursions to Shrovetide in Kolomna 2021 March 8

I, the Kolomna guide, invite everyone on special excursions around Kolomna for Maslenitsa and March 6,7,8 at this wonderful time. Seeing off winter and welcoming spring is the essence of Shrovetide. Pancakes in the shape of the Sun, burning a Straw Scarecrow, singing, dancing, fist fights, round dances - all these are traditional Russian customs, when people chased away the annoying Winter and helped young Spring to win.

Maslenitsa and International Women's Day in 2021 will start in Kolomna with pancakes, marshmallows, rolls and excursions! This year, two of our favorite holidays coincide! Therefore, from March 8, all excursion programs in Kolomna will be dedicated to the beautiful half of humanity and the Maslenitsa festivities. What excursions around Kolomna on Maslenitsa will be relevant?

"Shrovetide, we are waiting for the light, the sun!"

Old Kolomna knew how to have fun and provoke its guests. Choose the taste that you like!

March 6, 7 and 8 (women's day), as well as March 13 and 14 (wide carnival) - my team and I will conduct fun excursions around the Kremlin, Posad and other attractions of Kolomna.

Individual excursions in Kolomna for Maslenitsa and, March

I have 5 wonderful excursions around Kolomna for you, if you want to get to know Kolomna with your family or close friends. You can choose and book an excursion on any day by appointment.

) Excursion "Kolomna Kremlin - history, secrets and legends" (, hours)

The soul of Kolomna is the Kremlin. 900 years ago, Kolomna arose in this place on the banks of the Kolomenka River and the Moscow River. Kolomna got an unusual fate. In the midst of the princely strife and attacks of the khans of the Golden Horde, Kolomna became the main support and defender of Moscow, the second capital of the Moscow principality. That is why there are so many monuments, golden-domed temples, amazing museums here.

I will show you the faceted towers of an impregnable fortress, watch monasteries, a tent-roofed bell tower, the wedding site of Prince Dmitry Donskoy and much more.

I will tell you the amazing stories and legends of Kolomna. You will find out why crows are constantly circling over the Marina tower, where did the Kolomna treasures go after the robbery of the ataman Zarutsky, what miraculous icon Tsar Ivan the Terrible took from Kolomna, where the underground passages from the Kremlin led, and much more.

Important! For children, I specially adapt the excursion so that it is also interesting for them. I give them tasks and ask questions.

Excursions to Shrovetide in Kolomna 2021 March 8

Moscow, 27.2.021, 09:54:04, edition of PRONEDRA. U, author Yana Olegina.

There is very little time left before the start of the Pancake Week. Anyone is happy with the ancient Slavic spring holiday: every day you can overeat pancakes, various other delicacies, visit colorful fairs, and participate in merry celebrations. Orthodox Christians are especially happy with Shrovetide, who maintain Great Lent, which begins the day after the festive week.

Every Shrovetide day is full of traditions and rituals. The holiday has been celebrated since the time of Russia, and the final day, when a large straw effigy is burned, people ask forgiveness from loved ones, is Sunday. Meat and sausages are not consumed all week, but the daily diet includes dairy products.

What date does Maslenitsa start in the year

To calculate the date of Shrovetide, you need to know when Easter is celebrated. From this day, 56 days are counted back. In 2021, Orthodox Christians will celebrate Easter on May 2. Armed with an ordinary calendar, you can calculate that Pancake Week will begin on March 8, the day when the world celebrates the "women's" holiday.

Pancake Week will end on March 14th. They say that from this moment it will become warm like spring, winter will recede. Every holiday in different cities there will be fairs, and people will start dancing. Shrovetide has always been considered a pagan holiday. The inhabitants of Russia in this period glorified the gods, said goodbye to winter, burned fires with wheels, and a scarecrow. With the adoption of Christianity, Maslenitsa has new traditions. It ends on the eve of Great Lent, the most important and strict one.

Shrovetide is popularly called differently:

How to Celebrate Pancake Week

The whole Pancake Week is a lot of fun. Every day, certain rituals, games, fun, traditions. They even have specific names.

1st day (8 March), Monday is called "meeting"

All holiday preparations must be completed and the house cleaned. Every house smells of pancakes: they are sure to honor their beloved guests - relatives, friends. The first pancake is traditionally given to the poor so that he can remember the deceased people close to him.

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