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Winter roach bait

Not a big secret. After you've mixed the groundbait, put the mixture in the microwave for a couple of minutes. The microwave should be at maximum power.

Full video review of the preparation of bait for fishing roach. And why put the ready-made mixture in the microwave. You can find out from the video below.

Overview of ready-made baits for winter

In recent years, many anglers have been using ready-made baits by Alexander Dunaev, who is himself an angler and probably uses his best baits. Dunaev's baits are versatile and attract almost all fish from the carp family. In addition, they keep well and withstand even if they have been dampened with water. Another difference between Dunaevsky baits can be called the absence of an abundance of smoking components in them, which, despite their external attractiveness and visibility for fish, lure a lot of small, greedy annoying fish.

To all baits, whether ready-made or home-made, you should always add a bait and bait, which you are catching at this moment, for example, a handful of bloodworms.

There are usually four types of DUNAEV-READY brand Dunaev winter mixtures. Here you can immediately mention "Universal". It is usually applied to all types of winter fish. The bait is dark brown in color. This mixture resists frost well, that is, it does not freeze as quickly as other mixtures. It also does not deteriorate for a long time. And this is what is called "rancid" bait, which will not attract fish, but rather scare away.

The Motylnaya bait is very good at luring winter fish, but it should be borne in mind that predators can also come to the hole along with peaceful fish. This bright red groundbait contains about 10% natural bloodworms.

The Bream Bait Mix has an excellent ability to lure bream to the hole, but there is one unpleasant moment here. This ability of this bait may not manifest itself in all reservoirs. This must be verified empirically.

Roach bait is also universal. It attracts almost all fish, but it contains components with a dusty effect. Therefore, a trifle can come up to the hole.

How to store bloodworms

Bait for winter fishing: which one to use


Hello everyone! Today I want to share my ideas, developments and experience on the independent manufacture of lead sinkers for spinning fishing.

I will say right away: this method is suitable only for small batches and simple forms of sinkers. For example, I would recommend making collapsible Cheburashkas using aluminum molds, which I myself use)

Before the start of the season, I decided to add weights to my collection - "bullets" for the increasingly popular jig-rig.

Sealant lead mold

A mold for making sinkers or spinning lures can be made without much difficulty on your own, using gypsum or silicone sealant, as well as a ready-made sample. For example, it is easy and also very unusual to make a form from a sealant like "Hermesil" and the like. The main factor in choosing a sealant is its ability not to change its physical properties when exposed to high temperatures.

The upper temperature limits for most common sealants are 150 to 180 ° C.

In this connection, the use of pure lead for casting sinkers is not very appropriate, since its melting point reaches 350 ° C. But you can take some alloys, namely the printing alloy, Wood's or Rose's alloys. Their melting temperature ranges from 60-110 °, and therefore, when using such alloys, the silicone mold will serve you for a long time and the castings of the sinkers will be of high quality.

If lead is taken as the material for the sinkers, the manufactured casting mold will withstand approximately 8-10 castings. It is also worth noting that each time the lead sinker will move more and more away from the original ideal due to the gradual burnout of the form from the sealant.

Silicone sealant can be purchased from specialized building materials stores or auto stores.

Although such a casting mold at first glance may seem completely unreliable, in fact it can withstand a fairly high temperature, and thanks to its properties, it will allow you to make a sinker or bait of almost any shape.


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