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Hat "Butterfly Wings"

The hat took a little less than 2 skeins, needles # 2.

I wanted to somehow embellish the beanie so that it doesn't look too simple. As "Cat" and hats with a bow on top of the head got fed up, I began to look for ideas

in online headwear stores.

A large number of wonderful films were shot in the Crimea. How nice it is sometimes to be at the filming locations and scroll through the frames from your favorite films in your head, take a photo, hum a familiar melody from the movie. “Somewhere in this world, where it’s always frost. Bears rub their backs against the earth’s axis.” I want to start, of course, with the Caucasian captive. I will tell you the history of creation, interesting facts, filming locations and how to get to them. Go.

Creation history

"Prisoner of the Caucasus, or Shurik's New Adventures" is a continuation of the movie "Operation Y". The idea of ​​creation came after the director Leonid Gaidai saw an article in the newspaper about how in the Caucasus a horseman in love stole a girl from his home. Gaidai liked this ancient custom so much that it became the basis of the plot.

In June 1965, an application was sent to Mosfilm with a request to approve the plan for the still unfinished scenario "Shura in the Mountains", which consisted of two curious episodes: "Prisoner of the Caucasus", the plot of which we already know). And in the second "Bigfoot and Others" - the plot was as follows: a scientific expedition led by a prominent scientist is looking for Bigfoot in the mountains. But the group does not even realize that the trinity in the person of Coward, Goonies and Experienced is posing as Bigfoot in order to knock the police off the trail. But Nina and Shurik expose the trinity. As a result, only the first story attracted the editorial board.

When the script was approved, there were unexpected problems with the actors. Immediately two participants in the legendary trinity - Yuri Nikulin and Yevgeny Morgunov - refused to participate in the filming of the "Caucasian Captive". Much of the script, in their opinion, was strained. Nikulin said: “I don’t like it. This is speculation on the top three ”. Leonid Gaidai convinced him that by joint efforts they would rewrite the script, introduce a lot of their own tricks into it, and they agreed.

Vladimir Etush also had to be persuaded, despite the fact that the role of comrade Saakhov was written for him from the very beginning, the actor did not want to act in this role. The fact is that earlier he had already played the "southern man" in the movie "Summer Vacation Time" and did not want to replicate this image. By the way, initially the hero's surname was Okhokhov, but later it turned out that an employee with exactly the same surname was working in the Ministry of Culture. Then she was replaced by "Saakhov".

Nina could not find an actress for the main role of an athlete, a Komsomol member and just a beauty. Gaidai made a strict demand: "The girl should immediately draw attention to herself." In search of the desired type, Gaidai conducted a large number of photo tests. Among the applicants were such stars as Natalia Kustinskaya, Larisa Golubkina, Anastasia Vertinskaya, but the director did not see them in the role of a charming student. Then the director's assistant remembered that the "good circus girl" Natalia was filming at the Odessa film studio. At that time, 19-year-old Varley really worked as a balancing act in a circus. Soon she was sent a telegram with a request “to come to Mosfilm for a photo - and screen tests,” and she agreed out of pure curiosity.

Interesting facts about the movie

1. The film was nearly banned from showing. After filming ended, the film had to go through a censorship check. And then it turned out that the chairman of the State Committee for Cinematography did not like the tape at all. He rejected almost everything: script, songs, jokes. It seemed like a collapse and the end of the film. The "Caucasian Captive" was saved by a happy accident. The fact is that Leonid Brezhnev was a film lover and once he asked me to send him some fresh comedy. Since there was nothing besides Gaidai's tape, it was she who was sent to the secretary general. Brezhnev was delighted, and in the end the film still got to a wide audience. Moreover, "Prisoner of the Caucasus" took the 4th place in terms of attendance among all domestic films in the entire history of Soviet distribution.

2. "Prisoner of the Caucasus" was the last film by Leonid Gaidai, where the famous Nikulin-Vitsin-Morgunov trinity was filmed. This is how Leonid Gaidai himself recalled it:

Because of this, it was necessary to remove some of the scenes already shot with Evgeny Morgunov (they were not preserved), and some to shoot in general plans, replacing the actor with a stunt double.

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