5 topical inventions that girls and women invented

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In the winter of 1902, American Mary Anderson went to New York. During a trip on a city tram, a woman noticed that on a frosty day, the driver was driving with the windshield flaps open. The driver had to manually brush away the snow, blowing cold air into the cabin. Then the woman thought: why until now has no one invented a thing that could do it on their own? At the same moment, Mary opened her notebook and sketched the first version of the windshield wiper with a lever inside and a thin strip on a hinge for removing snow.

Back home, the woman refined her invention. When the hand-operated windshield wiper was exactly what Mary Anderson wanted, she took the sketches to production and ordered the model to be made. Already in 1903, a woman received a patent for the creation of wipers. The design consisted of a lever inside the car that controlled the rubber brush on the windshield and moved it from left to right, brushing off the snow. And during good weather, the wipers were removed so as not to interfere with the driver's view.

Similar devices have been created before, but Mary Anderson's product was the first working wiper. In 1905, a woman tried to sell the rights to a Canadian company, but they did not believe in the success of the invention. 15 years later, the patent expired, but mass production of cars increased. Cadillac was the first company to take advantage of Mary's design and install her wipers on brand new cars. The invention soon came as standard every car.

sippy plate

11-year-old Alexia Aybernathy looked after a little boy. Every morning she watched as the toddler carried a plate of breakfast to the table, spilling its contents along the way. Then the girl realized that something had to be done, otherwise the floor would be constantly in a mess. Alexia did not think long. According to her idea, it was necessary to create some kind of catcher of the spilled. For example, a larger plate so that spilled porridge stays in it.

Just at this time, the girl participated in the school competition "Invent, Iowa!" and decided to present her brainchild on it. Alexia Abernathy picked up a couple of plastic bowls. Dad helped her cut a hole in a larger container that served as a rim. Then a smaller bowl was placed in the hole and it turned out to be a sippy plate. The girl wanted the containers to be connected using special protrusions, but this idea could not be realized. Then she decided to experiment with different types of glue and settled on hot, which grips bowls perfectly.

Alexia submitted the invention to the competition and won. Then she won several more stages, but lost in the state competition. However, the girl was strongly advised to patent the invention and propose to some company. Then young Abernathy wrote 12 letters to different companies. One company responded, bought the license, and after a couple of years, Alexia Abernathy's non-spill plates were showing off in the country's largest stores.

Glowing paper

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