10 new wardrobe trends to wear in spring

A hoodie is not only a cozy wardrobe item, but also a great way to diversify your everyday style. You will find 6 looks with fashionable hoodies in this article.

Classic oversize suit

Hoodies have long burst into business style and are no longer considered only a "sports" element of the wardrobe. In its shortened version, it can be worn under an oversize jacket with jeans or dress pants.

With leather pants, bucket hat and ankle boots with steady heels

An option for those who are not afraid of experiments and are used to bold combinations. Who would have thought that a panama hat and heels can be combined in one look.

Cycling shorts and stiletto heels

In this way, you will look appropriate both at a meeting with friends, and at a social party. Bicycles and hoodies will be comfortable, and ankle boots will add a feminine look.

With a miniskirt, bomber jacket and rough boots

Who said that a hoodie and a miniskirt are not compatible? With a bomber jacket and rough boots, a daring look is guaranteed.

With jeans and sneakers

A good figure has never been considered a disadvantage, however, in order to look great, exhausting training is not always required - it is enough to choose the right corrective underwear for men.

What is men's shapewear

These are special clothes made of elastic fabrics that visually tighten the figure, hiding fat deposits. Thanks to the special materials, men's shapewear allows the skin to breathe and is an excellent clothing for sports.

In such clothes it is convenient to do exercises, as it absorbs sweat in a special way and concentrates attention on the muscle corset. As a result, the body looks fit and slender. In addition, corrective underwear for men has a great effect on posture, contributes to the relief of the muscles of the torso, so it is convenient and easy to use it.

Such products correctly distribute and retain fat on the body. It allows you to hide the belly, extra pounds, but here it is important not to be mistaken with the size. Some types contain warming fibers that help keep you warm. This is ideal for the cold season.

What are the corrective underwear for men

The main materials are elastane and nylon. There are special models that contain natural fibers such as wool, cotton and linen. Corrective underwear does not cause an allergic reaction, it is completely invisible under clothes, some things can be worn as independent, sportswear, especially if they are dark in color.

How to choose shapewear for men, wash and wear

In order not to be mistaken with the choice, it is important to pay attention to the brand. The highest quality products are produced by sports companies. They are best purchased in manufacturers' stores so as not to run into a fake. Some quality lingerie can be found in specialized medical stores.

Laundry is divided into the following items:

1. Bandage for waist or back correction. Outwardly, it resembles a slimming vest or corset.

2. Bandage bodysuit for the waist and sides. Corrects the figure, stretching the silhouette, suitable for those who want to change the belly and sides.

3. Belly bandage. It resembles a corset with straps.

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The spring-summer 2021 fashion season is not going well, yak. Streetstyle-stars were not boomed, but a large number of collections were played either on online shows or in lookbooks. All the same designers have embraced new tendencies, such as to make the image stylish, and, importantly, it is easy to fit into a well-groomed wardrobe.

Rozpovidaєmo, to wear the season of spring.

Pastel colori

In the spring, the style to please in the dark odeas was given and respected at the pastels, especially lavender and mint. Do not be afraid to combine them all at once: the lowest color is harmoniously complement one. Shvidko uv_yyshovshi in fashion, the stench of guilt zalishatsya with us stretching out the rock.

SPEECHI: Stradivarius, Pushbutton, Knitel x Jamemme

Pants of great fit

With a short top, pidjack, turtleneck, shirt - trousers of a witch fit can be called a universal wardrobe item, for those people who stink in the middle of the trend season. Fashionable will be as big sports models in the style of zero, so it will go for office everyday life.


Thin or chaotic virizi on clothes is a simple one-hour unseen trend, which is one way to make an image of a tricky one. At the Versace show, the Bula model was dressed in a black midi-sleeved woman with a viriz from one side and a short color shirt, Prada presented a bright-orange turtleneck with dicks for all donuts, and Nanushka - cloth, very tight, with a virgin.

SPEECHI: Bershka, Fleur du Mal, Coperni

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