Simple details that can make your kitchen cheaper

Repair everyone, my wonderful readers!

The other day I came across a checklist, which details all the rules for creating an expensive kitchen. We are talking about visual details that do not ask for a lot of money, do not affect the quality of the kitchen itself, but nevertheless visually create the effect of an expensive kitchen. Some points, as it turned out, I took into account. And with some I would probably even argue. Check them out and you may have something to say too.

Home appliance color

When we were just starting to make repairs and the end and edge of this event was not even roughly visible, I was very happy to wander around the furniture and household appliances stores, mentally picking up "those" options for myself. I didn’t know yet what style we would have in the apartment, but my eyes looked at the light ovens. I understood that this option is more suitable for the classics, but making the classics in a one-room apartment seemed to me something a lot. I still consider the classics to be the style of large spaces and had no idea how to put something like that on our 35m2. I do not recognize modern classics as a style. Better then replace it with scandi. But my husband did not recognize scandi and we got such "eclecticism", a mixture of styles, or rather its absence. In general, we are just renovating and we wanted to it was beautiful and calm. And we did not buy white household appliances, we took everything in "stainless steel" color. And I don’t regret it. The only thing is that next time I will look at other manufacturers.

And what I want to tell you now about white equipment. Don't chase her. Firstly, you will never match the tone of the facades and the oven. It's complicated. But of course you can. But if you don’t get it, this "different color" will make your kitchen cheaper. Alas and oh, this is so, you can see for yourself how these differences are striking and how this very moment takes attention.

In addition, a white oven can make a beige kitchen cheaper.

And secondly, this oven will not be completely white anyway. The black square isn't going anywhere. Well, does it make sense to choose white home appliances? It seems to me not. But, of course, this is not a direct recommendation, only one way or another. If you are dreaming of a white oven, then why not. Moreover, if for you everything that I have described (designer's recommendations) does not matter.


As some designers say:

But I would argue with this statement. You can very well save on these very pens, not just without losing anything in appearance, but only by acquiring! You can completely abandon the handles and make the opening on the upper cabinets behind the overhang of the facade. And put a profile on the lower ones.

And by the way, most designers now recommend doing this. The lack of handles makes the kitchen look more expensive. For example, we did just that with the upper cabinets.

By the way, there are a million kitchen design options like ours on the Internet. And looking at some I thought:

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