Semak vs Karpin, CSKA in the derby with Loko without Akinfeev, Spartak and Promes against Slutsky

Tambov - Rotor: the opening match of the RPL spring segment and the battle for survival

This spring's "Tambov" is a unique phenomenon. A puzzle club, a piece of Lego construction set - such associations are caused by a team that, the day before the most important official game, announced new players literally in batches.

Having combed the new composition of the "wolves" for the players who decorated at least some RPL clubs with their personalities in the fall, we get the following names: goalkeepers Ryzhikov and Chagrov (both "Tambov"), defenders Shakhov ("Tambov" ), Denisov (Arsenal) and Gigashvili (Tambov), midfielders Karp and Aliev (both Ufa), Bavin (Ural), Kabakhidze (Tambov), Terekhov and Karapuzov (both Dynamo) , forwards Toshevski (Rostov), ​​Minaev (Arsenal), Klimov (Rubin) and TV commentators' best friend Merenchuk (Tambov), whose name they constantly distort towards one of the Russian representatives in Serie A. Experienced defenders , as we can see, there is not even enough for the main team - so the pre-season fears of Sergei Ryzhikov about 7-8 conceded goals may well turn into reality. Against Lokomotiv for the Cup, however, it was 3.

Rotor's roster, on the contrary, has not undergone critical changes over the winter. Dovbnya and Mikeltadze, who were sitting on the bench, left the team, and among the replenishment a group of ex-Astana players, numbering 4 people, stands out, of which only 32-year-old defensive player Ivan Mayevsky, who played for Anzhi for a year and a half, has RPL experience.

Tambov takes 16th place with 13 points, Rotor is 13th, but it has only 1 point more - any round can radically change the shaky picture. In the first round, the "wolves" won away with a score of 2: 0.

Khimki - Ufa: an unexpected middle peasant versus an unexpected outsider

At the start of the season, Khimki proved to be a hopeless candidate for a direct return to the FNL, while Ufa looked like a typical regular in the middle of the table before the start of the season. However, the championship turned these ideas upside down - now it's the other way around. Thanks to Cherevchenko's super burst, the Khimki team was almost guaranteed to be saved, the failed Ufa will have a long and stubborn struggle for the right to stay in the top division.

In winter, the club from the capital of Bashkortostan, unlike its rival, made a large-scale reboot of the roster. How Rashid Rakhimov's team will look this spring is a separate and rather interesting question.

Khimki occupies 11th place in the table with 25 points in the asset. “Ufa” has 13 points and it is the penultimate one, before the “joints” 1 point. In the first round, the red-blacks won 2: 1 away.

Zenit - Rostov: match of those eliminated from the Cup with losses in the squad

On the eve of the game, the rivals staged a competition in personnel losses. The leaders of the championship dropped out due to injuries Azmun, Malkom, Driussi, the stronghold of the Barrios support zone caught the coronavirus. Losses of Rostovites are no less - Mamaev, Hashimoto and Terentyev are still in the infirmary, Hadzhikadunich has been disqualified. And Rostov's biggest loss is undoubtedly the captain and one of the team's key midfielders Roman Eremenko, who left the club a few days ago for family reasons.

Semak vs Karpin, CSKA in the derby with Loko without Akinfeev, Spartak and Promes against Slutsky

The first month of spring will delight Pisces and Aquarius the most

March 2021 promises to be a very auspicious month that will bring love, happiness and creative success. It will be a very calm period, which will be a relief after a busy and hectic February.

In March, there will be practically no tense aspects of the planets, therefore the month will be very harmonious.

Mercury will confidently pick up speed in March, which is good news, because such a movement gives it a lot of "pluses". It will be possible to start new business, sign important documents, enter into business cooperation, conduct trade, negotiate and go on trips. First of all, all this awaits us in the first half of the month, when Mercury will be in the sign of Aquarius, and the air element is native to Mercury.

After March 16, Mercury will move into the sign of Pisces, and from that moment on, the accuracy and success of meetings may be shaken. Thinking activity may slow down, and the transfer of information will slow down. But a brilliant period will begin for people involved in art. Also in the second half of the month it will be possible to immerse yourself in secrets to your heart's content: study mysticism, psychology, secret sciences, contact an astrologer.

The position of Venus also promises that March will delight many: until the 21st, she will be in Pisces, which promises success in love and financial affairs. This position of Venus can bring abundance, fertility, comfort, happiness.

Vlad Ross / UNIAN

Lucky March-:

Pisces. Pisces in March will be the luckiest zodiac sign. Planet exalted in Pisces, i.e. Venus enters this sign. This promises Pisces love, happiness, outdoor recreation, successful trips and travels. The opening of a new business will also be successful. Also, Pisces may have bright resort romances. All this awaits Pisces until March 20, while Venus remains in their sign. In addition to the fact that at this time Pisces can meet their betrothed, a bag of money from the sky can also fall on their head. So Pisces should actively use their luck and be smart.

Aquarius. A wonderful month awaits Aquarius. He will succeed in everything, he can start successful and promising projects, since Mercury will move in his sign this month. The period will be busy: meetings, contacts, business activity, organizing events, starting new projects, moving to a new job, starting a new activity - everything will work out. Long trips and journeys will also delight Aquarius. He will have vivid sexual experiences, the birth of children, creative projects, as well as earnings abroad. Most likely, any Aquarius travel this month will be accompanied by unprecedented activity. In general, some kind of bright journey or change of residence can completely turn the life of Aquarius upside down. Even emigration to the United States will be favorable for him.

Libra. An amazing period awaits in March and Libra. They will succeed in everything, and everything they need will be there. Libra can take care of raising the level of education, learning foreign languages, and the learning process will be very successful. Libra women can meet wonderful foreign men. Business will go well, partnerships will develop perfectly, which, in the end, can lead Libra to prosperity. The purchase of real estate may also turn out to be very successful for Libra this month.

The spring part of the national championship is opened by the battle for the right to survive between the freshly picked Tambov and Rotor, which has not yet played official matches. Tambov - Rotor: opening match of the spring segment

Delay in the application of fertilizers under the berry can reduce fruiting. Strawberry feeding begins necessarily in the spring. In the first year, this culture does not require food. And then they carry out mineral or organic feeding of 2 and 4-year-old plants. For the 3rd year, it is recommended to use only mineral fertilizers.

Early spring feeding

After the snow has melted (about mid-April), it is time for the first application of nutrient mixtures containing nitrogen, under the strawberries. Choose one of the proven options:

  • Stir ammonium sulfate in a 10-liter container with water - 1 tbsp. l. and mullein - 2 glasses. Consumption is 1 l / bush.
  • Dissolve nitroammophoska - 1 tbsp. l. in 10 liters of settled water. Pour in 500 ml for each individual plant.
  • Fill the tank with fresh nettles. Warm water is poured to the very edges and left for 3-4 days. Ready infusion for root feeding should be diluted 1:10 and pour 1 liter under the bush. If foliar spraying is practiced, then strain the infusion and dilute with settled water 1:20.
  • Chicken droppings diluted 1:10 with water are successfully used. After 4 days of aging, the infusion is ready for use. Consumption is 500 ml / bush.

Rules for feeding blooming strawberries

The first peduncles usually develop by the end of the second half of May. During this period, strawberries necessarily require potassium, which allows them to increase the yield and improve the quality of ripening berries. The deficiency of this element is often manifested by the brown tips of the leaf blades.

It is necessary to use potassium nitrate (1 tsp), which is thoroughly dissolved in 10 liters of settled water. Consumption is 500 ml / bush.

You can irrigate flowering strawberry plantings with the same product. And also a solution of zinc sulfate with a concentration of 0.02% is suitable.

At the stage of ovary formation, foliar feeding with a mineral complex is practiced, making the concentration 2-3 times lower than for application to the soil.

Using folk remedies

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