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Grandma's conspiracies for all occasions

With the help of folk magic, you can heal from a disease, attract love into your life and become happy. Grandma's conspiracies belong to white magic and carry only good in themselves. They are considered practically prayers, all of them are addressed to the Higher powers. We will share with you the most popular and effective conspiracies.

The knowledge of our ancestors is more relevant than ever in the modern world.

A selection of old grandma's plots

Option: "Conspiracy for a newborn"

Preserve DIY crafts

Sometimes things in plain sight may not be noticed. Take workwear for example, let's take a closer look. Is it suitable for the current job? Does it offer any additional benefits to those wearing it? Is it comfortable and clean here? Does this have a positive effect on the image of the brand or company?

Okay, that was a lot of questions to think about. See our article below to understand what overalls are for.

Hardy workwear-blue collar image

These days, the phrase “blue collar” no longer refers to clothing, but instead refers to the type of work — skilled labor, such as in an industrial setting. This stems from a deeply ingrained image that persisted over time, long after workwear evolved into more modern varieties. The collars of the shirts of many workers were not white, but often blue.

Unlike the clean and starched white shirts typical of office work, factory workers wore blue cotton shirts dyed with indigo ink. These shirts helped to hide some of the results of a hard and physical work day, such as sweat or fat. Today, this image remains an almost universal symbol of skilled workers.

Getting it right - functional and attractive

Today's work clothes have high expectations to meet them. As already mentioned, historically this function was in the first place. But these days, both function and appearance are very important.

Overalls must do their job, protect the body, be resistant to chemicals or heat, and so on. It also needs to fit well and not constrict the wearer, this allows more movement to benefit the work. Also, note that “fits well” is different from “loose” because clothing that is too loose in the factory can be really dangerous. Excess fabric can be caught on sharp edges and worse, it can be absorbed by moving parts on the machine.

But on the other hand, it should still look good. Companies around the world are more brand conscious. It works both internally and externally. Outsiders need to see that the brand is also reflected on the bodies of workers through their clothing and accessories. In addition, the employees themselves should be proud of their work and their work clothes.

Did you know that you can also rent your work clothes?

Now you've seen some reasons to take a closer look at your work clothes. How about where to find it? There are pros and cons to both buying and renting workwear. Here are some benefits to consider:

1. flexibility. Renting workwear allows you to flexibly serve your staff without having to worry about having all the required sizes and types in stock and on site.

A belt is one of those purchases that are usually made without hesitation and only when you are in a quandary.

Belts are another way to express your sense of style in a subtle yet powerful way.

Not knowing when to wear the correct type of belt will lead you to commit a fashionable faux pas that makes it easier for others to pay attention to it and can also just look downright bad.

A quality belt should not only serve its intended style well (like an anti-casual dress), but also be made from quality materials that won't break after a few months, look great and have the right balance between buckle size. belt width and color choice - like men's belts in diezz. u.

Before you decide: a few things to think about

As we plunged into our research for the best belts for men, we found that there are nine different areas to think about when buying a belt.

While this may seem like overkill, it really isn't, and is definitely not overlooked.

Not only will you spend just one to two minutes pondering each of the areas below to find the perfect belt for you, but you will also be able to identify a quality belt from afar, which will ultimately give you a lot more. confidence if you visit your local department or menswear retail store.


One of the most confusing aspects of buying a belt for many men is finding the right size.

Walking with a belt that is too long will not only look bad, but your tongue sticking out will constantly interfere, especially if you just need to go to the bathroom.

A symbol as old as Mir itself

Many northern peoples who keep myths about the creation of the World believe that the task of the World Serpent is to protect the borders of the Motherland from Chaos and protect those inside. A spiral-shaped ring wraps around the finger like the World Serpent. The ring was created based on the mustachioed rings of the 11th-12th centuries. This is a beautiful copper ring coated with a protective compound to maintain its beautiful shine. In order for it to become a real talisman, we propose to revive it with a simple conspiracy - we will send a description of the rite along with the paper.

How is this ring made?

The master made the ring by hand from pure copper. We received rings with different diameters, please select the one that suits you in the drop-down menu at the top of the card. The size is approximate, the ring is open, so it can be easily adjusted to fit. However, we offer several sizes to choose from.

What do you get?

Copper ring, made in the image of whiskered rings of the XI-XII centuries.

  • Suitable for: both man and woman
  • Material: copper with a protective coating
  • Height: 13 mm.
  • Diameter: 15-25 mm.
  • Plot paper for this amulet

How can this ring help you?

On this ring is the Slavic image of the World Serpent. We believe that in him is the power of the Creator of our Motherland, God of the Family. This is a strong protective amulet that will help you gain and maintain strength. Together with the ring, we will send a paper with a conspiracy to him.

Please note the important!

A capacitor is a device capable of storing energy in the form of an electrical charge. Compared to a battery of the same size, a capacitor can store much less energy, about 10,000 times less, but useful enough for so many circuit designs. I recommend reading the article to understand what a capacitor is.

) RC timing chain

A capacitor in combination with a resistor is used to form an RC circuit that acts as a timing mechanism. The combination of the resistor value and the capacitance value determines how long it takes for the capacitor to charge or discharge in the circuit. Using the required values, you can create the exact time sequence required for the circuit.

The product of the RC value is called the time constant. It is this RC product, which is measured in units of seconds, that determines the timing of the RC circuit.

) AC coupling

A capacitor is used for AC connection. This is where the capacitor connects or transfers the variable portion of the signal to the output and blocks the output voltage. Direct current from transmission. This is necessary in situations where the AC aspect of the signal is to be transmitted as an output but not a DC. In this way, the coupling capacitor acts as a kind of filter, allowing the AC current to pass through and blocking the DC current.

Microphone circuits are a prime example of where coupling capacitors are needed. Microphones need DC power to work in order to turn on. However, this DC output should not appear on the output; it is only for powering the microphone. The only output we need is user speech, music, etc., which are AC signals. If DC were put into the output, it could cause DC bias, which means the signal could be biased up or down. To counter this, coupling capacitors remove all aspects of the DC and only allow the AC that you want (music, speech, etc.) to pass.

) removes AC noise from DC signals

A capacitor can also be used as a bypass capacitor, which is a capacitor that shunts AC DC signals to ground. This cleans up any AC noise that may be on DC signals, allowing a much cleaner DC signal to be used in the circuit.

As you can see above, a capacitor across RE serves as a bypass capacitor. This bypass capacitor bypasses the variable aspect of the signal to ground, allowing a pure DC signal to pass through the resistor, i.e. This helps the transistor eliminate any noise that may enter it and allows it to produce a cleaner output signal.

) Power Supply Filter

Capacitors are used to smooth the ripple voltage from the power supply to a steady DC current (DC).

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