Mass Effect: Infinite Space

Astronomers have been observing space for a long time. They peer into the depths, listen, pick up strange alien signals, although sometimes their source is an ordinary microwave. These manipulations are needed in order to find "brothers in mind", creatures from other planets. After so many years of searching, the Fermi paradox emerges - if foreign life exists, then why have we still not found any traces.

Zoo inhabitants are about us

In this regard, John Ball developed the zoo hypothesis. He put it forward in 1973 as a possible answer to the cosmic paradox. He believes that the aliens know about our existence, but put us conditionally "under the hood." They watch what is happening, but do not interfere with the life of earthlings.

According to Ball's hypothesis, foreign civilizations have been watching humanity for thousands of years. For them, we are like "guinea pigs" or aquarium fish living in their own little world. Their superintelligence cannot be compared with our primitive level of development, so it is easier for them to keep us in a "cage". They are the highest intelligence, which we cannot accept and understand, for this reason any contact is excluded.

People have been in the "cage" long ago

And if it's true. And the aliens really don't want us to find them? Then we will never wait for contact, says Florence Rawlin-Serso, the head of the METI project, with the help of which earth messages were sent into space, intended for aliens, with information about the Earth and its coordinates.

People perceive a hypothesis as something fantastic and impossible. But the experts of the SETI projects, on the search for aliens, and METI, on establishing communication with them, are quite calmly discussing new and new attempts to bring the "higher intelligence" into contact. Although it is quite difficult for specialists to answer the question: what will happen next if this happens? And what they will talk about with representatives of the alien race.

Thinking too highly of myself

Raulin-Serso suggests that people may think too highly of themselves? Perhaps our assessment of our own capabilities is too high, although we are creatures of a rather low level of development. Then the aliens can draw conclusions about us, simply by observing, without making contact. They have nothing to take from our experience, technological progress, and they are not interested in us.

Thus, the zoo hypothesis suggests that intelligent life outside the solar system exists everywhere. Perhaps other representatives of the "higher intelligence" are in contact with each other, watching us, traveling from planet to planet, but we are primitive, simply not capable of this.

Is this really the case remains to be known to mankind. Perhaps this will not happen in the coming years, but in centuries and millennia. Therefore, for now, it remains for us to reflect, fantasize about this. Well, if the "higher mind" is watching us, then it is probably easier for someone (ufologists, astrobiologists).

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MICHELE LEGRAND | MICHELE LEGRAND Tactical callsign: "Merod" ("Emerald"), childhood nickname "Lilu" ("little lily") is used only by close friends.

date of birth: 04. 6. 163 | 24 years; race: human; class: engineer; Organization: Pilot and Engineer of the Systems Alliance, First Lieutenant of the Aerospace Forces, assigned to the Fifth Fleet (as of early 2188).

“And he will, in a non-Russian word, try to squeeze everything on the handle, And, through the veil of overload, the tail of the Mirage will appear (Mikhail Kalinkin - the song“ Pilot “MiG”)


growth || weight: 178 cm | 81 kg; eye color: gray; hair color: dark chestnut; skin color: light; special features: on the left shoulder there is a small, six centimeters in diameter, color tattoo depicting the cross of the Knights Templar and the inscription in a circle - the motto of the order: “Non nobis Domine, non nobis, sed nomini tuo da gloriam” (“Not for us, Lord, not to us, but to Thy name, give glory ").

On the thigh of the right leg, you can see a long healed scar - the consequences of unsuccessful pampering with a sword during training in fencing;

Reptilians among us, this fact is confirmed by irrefutable evidence. For thousands of years, the economy and politics on earth have been subject to correction by representatives of this hostile, alien race.

Reptilians, possessing an innate ability to mimicry, freely occupy high-ranking places without arousing any suspicion.

Reptilians: Top Direct Evidence

The evidence below could be considered circumstantial, but collectively it becomes direct.

Pope's Audience Hall or Reptilian Temple?

Thanks to David Icke, we learned about things that are difficult to fit into the human mind. Read more about all the nuances of the theory on the page "DAVID HIKE - PROVED THE EXISTENCE OF REPTILIANS".

What do you think the temple would look like if it were built by the Reptilians? The answer is obvious - there would be a lot of reptilian references in the design. And now we will impose on the construction of such a temple some restrictions related to conspiracy. What do we get? We will receive nothing more than ... the audience hall of the Pope!

Conspiracy in action, if you don't look closely, you won't see anything special.

The scale of the "temple" is truly impressive!

Christ Statue in the Hall: Strange Optical Illusions

This gigantic, majestic hall houses one of the most amazing sculptures of Christ. When you are next to her, there are no problems with perception:

We move a little further and ... from which side we look we see a kind of reptilian illusion:

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