How to plant and grow sea buckthorn

Sea buckthorn is a healthy tasty berry that is used to prepare all sorts of dishes or to perform seaming for the winter. The berries contain various vitamins and a large amount of minerals. Sea buckthorn oil is in demand in the treatment of numerous acute and chronic diseases. We will tell you in more detail how sea buckthorn is planted and what kind of care such fruit trees will need.

Short description

In nature, sea buckthorn is found everywhere, both in the south and in the middle lane. This is a moisture-loving culture, so it prefers the banks of rivers and lakes, it is also often called a sea thorn, as it grows everywhere on the coast. The sea buckthorn, including its shrub forms and trees, belongs to the Lokhovye family. In nature, there are about a dozen different varieties, both undersized shrubs and vigorous trees.

Breeders have artificially bred garden sea buckthorn, which practically does not have thorns on the branches, is distinguished by its yield, and its berries contain various useful microelements. This is a fast-growing culture, therefore, having planted several one-two-year-old seedlings in the garden, literally in 2-3 years you can already get the first harvest. Caring for garden sea buckthorn is not difficult, so it can be advised even for novice gardeners.

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One of the features of sea buckthorn is the fact that there are female and male trees. This is a dioecious plant, therefore, to obtain a good harvest, it is necessary to plant trees of male and female. Moreover, the latter must be necessarily cultivated with excellent varietal characteristics, but male seedlings can be chosen even from wild growth. The sex of the plant is determined by the buds; in female trees, they will be small in size with two small scales. In the male sea buckthorn, the buds are large, with about six to seven scales.

Popular varieties

Today, dozens of different varieties of sea buckthorn have been bred, this is both a shrub form and full-size fruit trees, the height of which reaches 3-4 meters. Moscow Beauty is a low-growing disease-resistant variety that has an average yield. Usually harvesting of sea buckthorn Moscow beauty begins in mid-August, continuing until the end of September.

Chuiskaya is a versatile fruitful variety, medium-sized trees up to 4 meters high, shoots may have rare thorns. The berries are large, weighing up to 1 gram, with a sweet taste, rich orange color.

The red-fruited tree has a medium-sized tree and is distinguished by its characteristic large red berries. This variety has practically no thorns on the shoots, it is undemanding to care for and has a fast growth rate.

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