Roofing and facade materials at fair prices

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Roofing and facade materials at fair prices

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Corrugated fence

Currently, in Novosibirsk, most of the plots are fenced off with a beautiful, high fence made of profiled sheet. It gives the owner a feeling of comfort, security, closes the area from unnecessary "eyes".

What qualities should a corrugated fence in Novosibirsk have?

A durable material must be selected for a fence made of corrugated board.

We quite often meet “cheaper” fences in which, after a year or two, the ground cover begins to deteriorate, and rust bubbles begin to appear from under the primer. Outwardly, you will not be able to determine the quality of the brought sheets, the quality manifests itself over time, and then it is rather difficult to make a claim, due to the fact that in most cases the warranty card provides for a one-year warranty, or even none at all. Most of these sheets do not meet the declared thickness and the Supplier of such sheets will never tell you the real thickness, as a rule they are thinner by 0.05. But it cannot be said that all thin sheets are not so durable.

a) Zinc (colorless). Still, the main factor of "longevity" for a profiled sheet is the zinc layer. We recommend reading the article on zinc.

What is school immaturity and two home tests to identify it

54-year-old Margarita Yudina, who became famous after being hit by riot police at an unauthorized rally in St. Petersburg on January 23, announced her political ambitions. The woman intends to become the head of her native Luga.

How Luga lives

Since “our everything” wrote these lines that are unpleasant for all Luzhan, a lot has changed in the city: on the newly renovated embankment there is a monument to the author of these lines. Luzhan forgave Pushkin unflattering review about their hometown and come here to walk and take beautiful photos. In the summer, hundreds of visitors from St. Petersburg join the promenade. Luga is called the dacha capital of the Leningrad region, about 200 thousand people flock here to rest.

Now there are only locals in the city, there are no more than 35 thousand of them. They live mainly in private one- and two-story buildings. There are also apartment buildings, mainly five-story panel buildings, built in the second half of the last century.

Adults work in processing plants - there are about ten of them in Luga. Here they make abrasive tools, hot water boilers, canned food, mixed feed and protein casing. The average salary at enterprises is about 45 thousand rubles. In smaller factories, in trade and in catering enterprises, employees are paid less - 30-35 thousand.

The number of self-employed in Luga is slightly less than a thousand people - mostly hairdressers, manicurists, eyelash extension specialists. The services of the latter are in great demand: the schedule is scheduled for several months in advance.

One of the main problems in Luga, according to local residents, is tap water. Until recently, a fetid ooze flowed from the taps. You have to buy drinking water, but washing is a problem. Those who want to preserve the whiteness of their clothes are forced to take them to dry cleaning in St. Petersburg. Now the situation has begun to improve - five out of ten planned treatment systems have been launched in Luga. After installing them, the water stopped smelling like hydrogen sulfide.

Another problem common to many small towns with subsidized budgets is the roads. According to local residents, they come down with snow every spring. As for the snow - after the recent blizzard, it has already been removed from the roadways and sidewalks. A tractor recently passed along a small street Ozernaya, where the house of the future "candidate for mayor" Margarita Yudina is located.

House on the Hill

She lives with children in a small area, on the one hand abutting the roadway, and on the other - against the railroad bed. The mint-green fence of the Yudins' house overlooks the railway embankment.


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