Fracture of the clavicle in a 2-year-old child of the delba ring

If the child falls on the shoulder, elbow or outstretched arm, a direct blow to the scapula or sternum, the collarbone may be fractured. If the doctor's suspicions are confirmed by x-rays, parents should not panic. The injury is being successfully treated, and after rehabilitation measures the child will be active and healthy again.

Causes of clavicle fracture in newborns and older children

The clavicle is a curved bone that leads from the scapula to the sternum. It is located above the first rib and provides free movement of the arms while the position of the scapula remains unchanged. The main function of the clavicle is to support the scapula and arm, transmit impulses from the arm to the skeleton, and protect the cervical-axillary canal. Clavicle fractures in babies can occur during childbirth. The reason is:

  • the use of vacuum extraction, obstetric forceps;
  • inept or abrupt actions of the obstetrician;
  • a large fetus that cannot pass through a narrow mother's pelvis;
  • improper position of the baby in the womb;
  • rapid labor, during which the fetus does not have time to adjust to the curves of the birth canal, to pass them correctly.

At an older age (after birth and before 1 year), a fracture of the clavicle in children can cause inept actions by parents to care for a newborn, its unsuccessful falls. After the baby learns to walk and begins to actively develop physically, there are more risk factors for injury:

  • direct hits to the shoulders;
  • falls on the arm as a result of accidents or sports games;
  • automobile accidents;
  • unsuccessful falls from a height of their own growth;
  • sharp jerks, jerks of the shoulder (a fracture is possible with tuberculosis, osteomyelitis, oncological pathologies).

How do you know if your child has a broken collarbone?

Symptoms of a clavicle fracture in a newborn appear in the first minutes of life, and the neonatologist cannot fail to notice this. In the damaged area, a hematoma occurs, swelling and swelling appear.

On palpation, a characteristic crunch is heard, the handle at the site of injury is limited in movement. For fixation, the doctor will advise a bandage or a special swaddling technique. In two weeks, the symptoms will disappear and the baby will be healthy.

In children under one year old, one-year-old toddlers and children under 5 years of age, a fracture of the clavicle is often observed. The outer tissues of the periosteum are elastic in youth, and they keep the bone from complete fracture. Usually, the injury is not very painful and does not cause complications or serious consequences. Many children do not even experience severe discomfort in their injured arm.

Since the child is calmly enduring the trauma, parents may mistake it for a bruise and not go to a traumatologist. Callus will grow in two weeks, and the collarbone will heal. This is possible in case of injury without displacement of the bone.

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