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Nature has no bad weather

The teachers of our kindergarten "Brusnichka" organize and conduct educational classes "Nature has no bad weather" with children of middle and senior preschool age four to seven years old at our meteorological site. This is a playground where children observe natural phenomena (for example, the state of plants, the movement of clouds, etc.). This uses simple instruments to help determine the weather. Our pupils. READ MORE

From the stool to the Miro board

What has changed in the Russian school in 10 years?

Few people think about it, but we are in the third decade of the 21st century. And this, you see, means something! In this regard, the journal "Ugorskoe Detstvo" decided to summarize and reflect on how Russian education has changed over the past decade. And there is something to think about.

  • Workbooks have appeared. They resemble paperback textbooks in appearance, but inside there are selected areas that must be filled in by hand. In assignments, you do not need to paint long sentences - you just need to enter the desired word or number. Therefore, many believe that such notebooks do not develop written speech and creative thinking of students. There is some truth in this, I think everything is good in moderation.
  • Parents are actively involved in the learning process of their children. On the one hand, this is not bad. Parents are aware of the life of the class, the educational affairs of their child. They help in preparing presentations, reports, crafts, etc. But on the other hand, this means that the programs have become more complicated, the school attracts parents as assistants, since the teachers are not able to fulfill all the requirements together with the students themselves. The situation was especially aggravated “at a distance”.
  • Learning using new methods. Since 2014, the primary school has been introducing new educational and methodological complexes, which should provide children with the necessary amount of basic knowledge for the full four years (the previous complexes are recognized as obsolete). Educators fear the new standards will be worse. For example, in the still working rules, there are three types of results that children should come to: subject - related to the content of a specific academic discipline, metasubject, common to all disciplines (for example, information retrieval) and personal (spiritual development of the child). The new standards indicate these results, but they can be achieved in different ways - there is an approximate plan, but each teacher fills it with content independently. It is clear that educators will understand their role in this process in different ways.

Also note that, starting from the second grade, a foreign language is included in the list. READ MORE

Don't kill teachers

One teacher told me: “Recently I am wandering from work in the evening, not understanding anything from fatigue and lack of sleep, now many are ill, I am on replacements, lessons, sometimes online, sometimes in person, and in this state I go through the road at a red light, I was almost hit by a car. The driver with a distorted face honks, I woke up, apologized. I went further, thinking that I still need to prepare a lot of lessons for tomorrow and check the work. And at home - at the post office -. READ MORE

Dmitry Gavrilov: “Theater is here and now”

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